Featured Products

Dish Cleaning
Say hello to plastic-free dish soap. Our packaging is as natural as the ingredients inside. It can be fully composted right in your backyard. Good for you, good for our planet.
Food Wraps & Bags
Ditch the plastic wrap, zippy bags, and bulky plastic storage containers. Preserve your food and protect your family naturally with our reusable foodwraps and foodbags.
Smile Care
Did you know 23 billion (mostly plastic) toothbrushes get thrown out every year? Let’s brush the numbers off of that 23 billion! Take a plastic-free chance and check out our bamboo brushes with removable heads.
Body Care
Our new body bars are in and they’re amazing - from bright and feisty scented bars to shaving bars, to unscented baby bars, use them with our Loofah sponge and scrub a dub dub.