Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth
Cellulose Cleaning Cloth

Cellulose Cleaning Cloth

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For more than just cleaning your dishes, these bad boys dry 10x faster than cotton, so they don't get stinky like other cloths do! They're great for dishes, but also a fantastic paper towel replacement! Our cellulose cloths are made of wood & cotton cellulose which makes them fully compostable, dishwasher & machine-wash safe and last for several months!  Less waste - totally plastic-free.

How to Use & Care For Your Cellulose Cloths

Before your first use, rinse thoroughly under running water. Squeeze out excess water to increase absorbency. These guys are amazing for washing dishes (super gentle and spongy) - but they're super-hero powers don't stop there!  They hold up to 15 times their weight - which is kind of bananas, if you ask me. They're great for cleaning all surfaces - particularly good at cleaning stainless steel appliances (I hate keeping those clean).

To clean, you can throw it on the top rack of your dishwasher, or in your washing machine. Don't tumble dry them though - that will make them sad :(. Just air dry them or reuse right away!


etee cellulose cloths are 100% natural, made of wood & cotton cellulose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kathleen Oshaughnessy
Just what I was looking for

I hate having wet dishcloths or sponges hanging around in the sink - so germy! These wring out practically dry and dry the rest of the way in a short while. And because it's so easy to just toss them in the dishwasher every night, it's an easy and efficient way to start each day with a clean cloth. They're super absorbent, great for washing the dishes and/or wiping down the counters.

Jill Bement
Cellulose Cloth

This item is turning out to be prefect for my life traveling in a van!

Gail Wendling
Lasts a long time.

These are great! They go in the dishwasher and come out clean for another round of work.

Sally Hoover
Cellulose Cleaning cloth

Really like the cellulose cleaning cloth for kitchen use. I keep one beside the sink to wipe counters and sometimes give a quick wipe in the sink. They are very easy to rinse so they are ready to use again.

Great paper towel replacement

i’ve been buying these for some time. love them. they absorb well yet are easy to rinse. regular sponges seem to retain soap forever. not these. no more wasting a ton of water just to rinse them. they are also pretty durable. the only con is that they seem to stain a bit easy making them look a bit raggedy after a while. but that doesn’t affect their performance so if you don’t mind that you might be able to use the same one forever. i use these everywhere in the house. you can throw them in the dishwasher or the washing machine too (just don’t dry them in the dryer!)