Cutlery Case
Cutlery Case
Cutlery Case
Cutlery Case
Cutlery Case
Cutlery Case

Cutlery Case

$15.00 USD

Organic Waxed Canvas Case

*Cutlery not included

We chose waxed canvas because it ages well, it's practical in that it repels stains (we're kinda messy) and it lasts a long time.  We wanted to use organic cotton canvas (turns out organic isn't just for food, it helps our environment and reduces toxic exposure to the farmers that grow it) and we didn't want any petroleum in the wax (that means no paraffin). It was hard to find either, so we waxed it ourselves using organic beeswax, tree resin and a soy wax mixture.  The liners are also organic cotton and all the dyes are GOTS certified (meaning they're non toxic, eco friendly etc. etc.)

Our cork twine (we got it in Portugal) was a fun find in that it's biodegradable, cool looking and fun to play with.


Washing Case:

To wash the case, make sure you use cold water and an alcohol free soap.  Hang to dry and Bob is (in theory) your uncle.

Variant Pink
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Easy Care for Picnics!

This cutlery comes with its own waxed canvas case - so easy to bring along for picnics. Love that I am not throwing out more plastic!

They are so awesome for picnics aren't they? I also keep a set in each of my cars with reusable straws as well just in case we ever need them when we're out- it's been so helpful!

Gloria Kemper
Earth Friendly Reusable “on the go” Utensils

I’m very happy with my bamboo, reusable utensils. The case they’re stored in isn’t just utilitarian, it’s cool- looking ! I’ll never use plastic utensils again.

Yay! So happy to hear that Gloria. Thank you so much for leaving us a review!

Renee Reeves
Travel Cutlery Case

Wow! These are great! Very well made as are all etee products we have purchased so far. Can't wait to try them. Looking forward to the toothpaste tabs...hope these will be ready for purchase soon!

Thank you so much for leaving a review! We appreciate your feedback. Toothpaste tabs will hopefully be ready to go within the next month or so- my sincere apologies for the wait!

Love it!

Convenient to use, to take with me, and really nice looking too :)

Zero Waste Travel Cutlery Case

The size and weight of these case which contains a wooden fork, spoon and knife is perfect, very light weight. The canvass case, is easy to open and close. I am promoting these to my Church's congregations in my role as Green Ministry chair.

Linda Martin
Bamboo travel cutlery

Will be giving these as gifts. Canvas wrap around case with 3 basic utensils will be perfect when they go camping or have an outing. Different colour case for each person too.

Mary Emily Cameron
Can't believe how often I use mine

I bought these when they first came out. For the first month, I took them when I planned a quick meal out. Now I keep a set in my backpack and purse. A surprise party for someone - and they serve cake, ice cream, etc. with plastic utensils. I pull out my bamboo set and ready to go at whatever is served. The knives are not real sharp terms cut Hamburg, spread butter or other condiment. That has never been a problem. They arrived in perfect condition using only material that was recycled or biodegradable. Have given as gifts to young families with kids. Never too early to teach responsibility for iyr planet.

Bamboo cutlery set a must have!

Love the cutlery set. Easy addition to your purse, backpack, lunch bag, etc. I added a straw & use it at work, restaurants & travelling. The waxed carrying case keeps everything compact & clean.

Yay! Non plastic cutlery for on the go eating!

These little pieces are pretty wonderful. The knife is better than some plastic ones I've used. My original one had a little split in it, but Etee helped me replace it fairly easily. Yay! :D They are a little rough on the mouth feel, but they worked great for eating ramen in bed. So... I'm good.

Portable bamboo utensils are great!

I keep these in my backpack at all times. When I order food at work, I can tell the restaurant not to include utensils, so a little less plastic goes into the landfill. Yay!

Yes! So glad to hear they're working out and you're using them every day and not just for 'camping'!