Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit
Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit
Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit
Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit
Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit
Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit

Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit

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Think that plastic-free dish washing is impossible? Think again! etee's  got you covered with this ultimate Lavender Lime Dishwashing Kit!

To keep your ongoing dish washing mission completely sorted this kit includes: 

3 Pods: 1 etee cellulose cloth, 1 loofie scrubber, one pump top dispenser and 3 lavender lime dishwashing pods. 

6 Pods: etee cellulose cloths, 2 loofie scrubbers, one pump top dispenser and 6 lavender lime dishwashing pods. 

9 Pods: 3 etee cellulose cloths, 3 loofie scrubbers, one pump top dispenser and 9 lavender lime dishwashing pods. 

The etee cellulose cloth is 100% natural and made of wood & cotton cellulose. Our Loofie Scrubber (affectionately known as our "loofie") is a combination of the gentle scrubbing power of the fibrous loofah plant and the spongy cellulose-cotton cleaning cloth, which makes for reusable & biodegradable dish cleaning with absolutely no plastic. Our Dispenser is a 16 oz glass mason jar with a black pump top (with a plastic straw - this pump has the least plastic that we could source and is offered only due to popular demand). The wax-based pod makes 400ml /13.5oz of our plant-based liquid dish soap concentrate - all of which is completely biodegradable.  Packaged in our one of a kind, backyard compostable Beepods (tm)!

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol ethoxylate (plant-derived grease-cutting agent),Polyglucoside (plant-derived cleaning agent),Amine oxide (plant-derived cleaning agent),Hydroxyethylcellulose (plant-derived viscosity modifier), Citrus Aurantifolia Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

Customer Reviews

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Anna Patricia Murray
Super easy and smells great

Delighted to receive this package. The dishwashing soap was easy to make and smells great. Works super on dishes. Can't believe I bought all those HUGE dishwashing bottles for all those years. Love the sponge, the dispenser and washcloth.

Carlene Shaw
Very happy with this product!

It smells great, works as it should, and I really like the dispenser jar. Yes, the top is plastic - couldn't be helped - but it's good quality and will hold up for as long as I use it. I'll pass it along to the next generation, in fact.

Josephine Baltan
So ggod!

This dish soap is so much better than I expected! I was skeptical at first, how one pod could mix with the water to be enough to wash dishes. But it does! I love it.

Patricia Eddy

Package still has not arrived

Lavender lime dishwashing kit

I love the smell of the lavender lime! I feel like the soap bars work better for cleaning and has longer lasting aid action for washing dishes, but I use the lavender lime for hands as it smells nice and isn’t too harsh on my hands. Love it!