Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste
Prebiotic Deodorant Paste

Prebiotic Deodorant Paste

$17.00 USD

A natural deodorant that works - just read the damn reviews Kevin!

Natural deodorants don't always last—the issue is the stick! Sticks have a higher melting point that can leave a film on top of your skin that doesn't absorb and protect you from odor, so we developed a Prebiotic deodorant paste, where the prebiotics normally feed on the naturally occurring bacteria under your arms. By introducing prebiotics, you vastly reduce odor-causing molecules. This results in long-lasting freshness. Our paste is free from the baking soda and aluminum commonly found in regular deodorants and easily absorbs into your skin. This ensures your sweat glands remain unclogged and unirritated, enabling prebiotics to fully do their job. You'll feel confident and odor-free all day. Not to mention, it's plastic-free
How Many? 1 Jar
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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Kirsten E.
It’s UNNERVING how well this works

I am blown away by this stuff. All I need is a one fingertip worth in each pit, and my pits smell totally neutral ALL DAY. Even when I wake up the next morning, they still smell like nothing at all. The single jar will last me forever. It also keeps my pits dry, and doesn’t rub off on clothes. The scent is super lovely too. I’m never getting anything else ever again. Changed my life.


I have tried many different natural deodorants and this one is by far THE BEST.
Long lasting!
Kills the bacteria that causes odours!
It also contains a surprising amount of product in one jar, compared to others!!!

Manisha Bishop
Can't wait until it's back in stock

This deodorant is the best! Not only no plastic or aluminum, but it works and feels much better than any other deodorant I have used. I really loved the citrus scent when that was available. I'm back to buy more but it's out of stock :( I will stock up when it's back again!

"No More Stinky Sandal Feet"

...I think that was the title of the email I received from Steve/etee a year ago promoting this deodorant paste. I hadn't considered purchasing it before because I am lucky enough to not usually have odor problems under my arms and just use a deodorant stone on occasion, but that title got my attention. The reason is that I basically live all day, every day in rubber flip-flops during the warm months. And they (along with my feet) were getting stinky frequently. And I hated having to constantly wash them (and my feet) and soak them in baking soda (which put them out of service for a few hours) to get rid of the odor. So, I decided to give etee's deodorant paste a try, rubbing a small amount into the soles of my feet once a day. Problem solved! I first started using the paste in the middle of last summer and my feet stayed odor-free and I didn't have to wash my flip-flops the rest of the season. And I haven't had to wash them at all this season. Now they just smell faintly of the paste, which has a scent (bergamot pine) that I find absolutely lovely! It's become one of my three favorite etee products (the other two being the laundry detergent and chewpaste), and I heartily recommend it to anyone who has odor issues anywhere from armpits to toes. It works!

Jar lasts 6 months and counting

I have VERY sensitive skin and also tend to have bad BO. While I have to use a bit more of this paste than other stick or paste deodorants, AND sometimes I have to reapply, I don’t care because I AM ON SIX MONTHS OF THIS JAR and there is still more! And I have had ZERO reaction to it (unheard of me, I’ve always had to switch after a few months). I am SO happy with this product. Thank you, etee!

Robin Parker
Amazing!!! Must have!!

I have sensitive skin and had a hard time finding a deodorant or even natural deodorant that firstly worked and secondly that I wasn’t allergic to! This paste has blown my mind!! Not only am I not allergic to it but it works amazing! Even did the end of the day test and wow!!!! Amazing!!! It’s so light feeling and the light smell is amazing!! Hopefully they find a way to make the packaging more friendly with a refill for the jar! But I am obsessed with this product!

Girard Hayes
Prebiotic Deodorant smaller jars

I was glad to see that the prebiotic deodorant was back in stock. I do like the product and will continue to use it.
The glass jar is a great idea to reduce plastic waste! When I received the deodorant jars in the mail, however, I was not happy to see that the jar was now smaller, meaning less product.
This now means that there will be more frequent shipping to get the same amount of product, which to me is wasteful in carbon footprint, causing more trucking to deliver three jars more frequently.

Hi Girard,
Thanks for the response. You know what's wild? The jar is actually the SAME volume, but we opted for a different, lighter and smaller walled jar - not as thick - so it actually looks smaller, but you're getting the same volume of deodorant.

Michael Braden

I love your product and the Citrus works much better on my body vs the new formula, plus, as a male, I like the fresh smell. Also, the new product seems to have a bit of grit in the mix and chafes my underarms a bit. I still recommend your Deodorant, and my wife loves the new formula, but having a choice would be nice! I'm on my last jar of the Citrus :(

Excellent! Love it!

Works great, smells good, it last long, great packaging big plus for me. I have no complaints, love it!