5 Reasons You Should Procrastinate!

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Sometimes, I ask myself “Why didn’t I get this gift together earlier?” This year though, I am wholeheartedly embracing my procrastination!

I’ve laid out all advantages to this practice. Here are the Top 5:

    1. It leaves openings for more enjoyable activities. You shouldn’t have to spend time on tedious tasks when you can be doing something more fun! 
    2. It leads to a boost of energy. Physiologically, the dread of missing a deadline actually releases adrenaline. Side benefit: it makes tedious tasks seem less difficult. 
    3. It doesn’t allow for second guessing. Without a lengthy lead-up, you’ll be more decisive…and you won’t have time to change your mind!
    4. It makes for faster work. Less time? More focus! Waiting until the last-minute forces you to stay on task and avoid wasting precious time.
    5. It leaves room for pop-up sales… like etee’s gift card offer!

About that last point: did you know etee gift cards are regularly sold for 20% off?  How does that work you ask? As an example, you would pay $80 but your recipient would get $100 worth of spending on plastic-free items.

The gift cards are delivered to your inbox within 24 hours so that leaves you plenty of time to enjoy other things—and still make your giving-o’clock deadline!



Happy giving,

Chantal and the whole crew at etee

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