I'm Dreaming of an etee Christmas Carol..

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Happy holidays friends!

Not may people know this but pretty much everyone at etee has some sort of background in music, so each year we put together a Christmas track.  Here's one featuring Jackie Game - our head of production and Mark (Jackie's boo).

Hope you enjoy it and your holiday times...

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  • All music is sacred – Kurt Vonnegut. Thank you for sharing and for all that you do.

    Eileen Snowden on
  • Hey everyone! Try giving it a play now:)

    Daliah on
  • Really would love to hear the track but can’t get anything except a blank square.. hope you can share and have a merry holiday!

    Carole Lacy-carella on
  • Message with the blank square said; "accounts.google.com refused to connect.

    Sally Hoover on
  • Couldn’t open either/ just blank square/ no music

    Noa Bornstein on
  • Only a blank square showed up – no way to download anything 🙁

    Jill McBeath on
  • Love it, your products and what you are doing to save our planet. Happy Holidays!

    Barbara Larson on

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