Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with black people around the world.  And we want to do more to help, but we’re not sure how.  

We’ve spoken with some of our African-Canadian teammates and they’ve told us of how they have come to accept a fear, even here in Canada, that people of European descent just don’t experience.

This has to stop.

If you have some ideas, please share them in the comments below.  One of the best things I've heard in the last several months is to listen and learn.  We are all ears.  


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  • Listen to, or read, Thomas King, black author

    Annette Lampson on
  • We must educate ourselves by reading and listening to Black authors and activists. It would be good to highlight Black designers of your T-shirt’s and more political slogans that promote diversity.

    Ruth Gordon on
  • Encourage people of color to come forward and share their stories to open peoples eyes . I am a 54 year old white Woman who is NOT racist so I was in the dark as to how many people still are . It saddens me to know that white people can be so shallow to believe their lighter skin makes them superior . We all walk this earth together . I love and embrace diversity . It’s what makes us all individuals . That’s to be celebrated . I am ashamed to be considered Caucasian right now .

    CIndy Carlton on
  • A mentor of mine told me once that I should consider what brings me joy and Consider what the world needs, and then figure out how to offer what brings me joy in a way that gives the world something it needs.
    In ETEE’s case, you are already offering products that help fill the need for plastic-free living. Are there ways you can use what you’re already doing to help fill the need to support the black community? Is there a place you can donate that supports environmental equity? Is there something product-wise that you can offer in a special way? Can you organize a clean-up of a city in Canada or the US, and hit EVERY neighborhood no matter who lives there?

    These are probably imperfect suggestions from a person who is also trying to figure it out. But you guys do something special, and therefore you have something special to offer, I’m certain of that.

    It always stands out to me how frequently and genuinely you reach out for the support and feedback of your customers. I love that and I hope you never stop doing it.

    Nicole Olweean on
  • I really want to understand how this country got here. I have been reading a lot of different views… and I mean different views. One book at I have found to be very informative is “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo. To quote her “Racial inferiority was created to justify unequal treatment” of people used as resources, such as work laborers… i.e. Slavery. "first we exploited people for their resources, not according to how they looked. Exploitation came, first, and then the ideology of unequal races to justify this exploitation followed. Race is a social construction and I am as much a victim of white privilege simply because I have been catigorized as caucasian. We did not buy slaves and of course never would, but we need to understand how our laws were written based on the economy at the time, and the economy depended on slaves. Our laws now need to change to protect all people equally. To do that we need to VOTE. It is the first step to change. Please people READ THIS BOOK… and talk to people rationally, people that are different. We must first understand and accept ourselves to understand and accept others.

    Susan Bentley on

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