Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with black people around the world.  And we want to do more to help, but we’re not sure how.  

We’ve spoken with some of our African-Canadian teammates and they’ve told us of how they have come to accept a fear, even here in Canada, that people of European descent just don’t experience.

This has to stop.

If you have some ideas, please share them in the comments below.  One of the best things I've heard in the last several months is to listen and learn.  We are all ears.  


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  • As a Caucasian who was in Jr High School toward the end of Martin Luther King’s life and was bused in the South to an African American community to go to school, I benefited from hearing the perspectives of black teachers, principal, and counselor. Their keen insight into 11-13 yr old students trying to figure out their own transformation within the context of those tumultuous years in the US was a tall order. But transform we did, some of us more successfully than others. Hats off to the staff and administrators who worked very hard to instill in our minds to be tolerant and accepting of each other. Martin Luther King’s words were lived everyday while I attended that school. It was often rocky, but the guidance within the school community was stellar. That immersion at a formative time for me was invaluable and could have a positive systemic impact if everyone could experience the same in some way.

    I also believe, as said in a previous post, that more formal education of police is necessary. Perhaps POC could meet weekly/monthly with police to agree on how to proceed, each listening to the other for authentic change. Local churches, synagogues, and mosques are a great resource to find people with good intentions willing to work together.

    Supporting black owned businesses within our own communities, online, and when traveling would open relationships between races and support POC economically.

    In the last state in which I lived, taxes were equitably divided among all of the schools within the county. Additionally every school had much control over how the money was spent based on the needs of the students who attended.

    Good quality healthcare for Everyone should be a priority in the US either with close oversight of Ins companies profits or easily accessible government sponsored healthcare. for everyone who needs it.

    Thanks ETEE for asking!

    CIndy Moore on
  • All of our communities need to get closer to our own God. We have all lost our morals that we use to learn from our families, Churchs, schools and our communities. Our media and leaders have forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters under God and need to love, listen and support one another. In order for change to happen, we must BE the change. Mostly never give up that the righteous (weak))will inherit the earth. No one should have to live in fear.

    Jeni on
  • Blm is a criminal organisation you burn buildings, cars and loot . you get people killed your tied to antifa both of you take money ,Soros

    Jullia B Richardson on
  • Partnering with educational resources and fundraisers might be a good start. And later down the road, a campaign to make healthy/eco-friendly lifestyle options more accessible to African Americans in systematically poorer situations would be very nice to see. Right now it might look too much like a marketing gimmick but later it would be something to consider.

    Bre on
  • Systematic Racism needs to stop!

    Amanda Bourdá on

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