Help us Eat More Plant Based Meals

Thanks for your support in helping us all to eat more plant based meals!

In the comments below, please list any:
  1. Recipes or Recipe sites - the quicker, tastier and simpler the better!
  2. Organizations that will help with the transition
  3. Apps or meal planner sites to help
  4. Links to amazing ingredient sources for proteins, cheeses and anything you think we should know about!

Embarking on a journey towards a plant-based lifestyle can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to finding diverse protein sources that satisfy the whole family. Whether you're looking for hearty mains or tasty snacks, incorporating a variety of plant-based proteins is key to a balanced diet.

Share your favorite recipes, food suggestions, and sources of inspiration in the comments below. Let's support each other in making this transition a joyful journey filled with flavorful discoveries.

In the coming weeks we'll consolidate everyone's feedback and help us all take the plunge.

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  • Interesting, I’m finding myself on the same journey! So also looking forward to the feedback from others as well. Just connected with Bobby approved for label reading & the Health G.O.A.T. brand guide for label reading.
    Some complete proteins are: Amaranth . Chia Seeds . Spirulina . Kite Hill Dairy Free Yogurt . Nutritional Yeast . Hemp hearts . Quinoa

    Sonya on
  • For great yummy vegan recipes, I highly recommend these amazing profiles on Instagram:

    I also recommend listening to Dr. Terry Wahls story before going 100% vegan (MS survivor).

    I myself developed autoimmune disorder after going vegetarian for 4 years. I wish I could go 100% vegan or vegetarian but that’s not healthy for me. What I do, I try to incorporate lots of veggies and greens into my diet while eating wild caught fish and grass-fed organic meat and chicken in moderation.

    Just thought that I’d share my personal experience too :)

    Saghar on
  • Go to the Animal Equality website. They have a downloadable cookbook to get you started on vegan meals. Animal Place is another website that has recipes for vegan eats. America’s Kitchen has a cookbook called Vegan Eating for 2 that has recipes and a section on products that are substitutes for dairy and meat. Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat websites have recipes that use their products.

    Terri Templeman on
  • has the best vegan recipes! I’m not vegan currently but also trying to eat more plant based and I find their recipes easy and so flavourful. Their ragu recipe in particular is a favourite! They also have tons of tips on how to make the most out of your ingredients and reduce waste. They have a YouTube channel as well with videos on how to make their recipes that are very entertaining.

    Ashley on
  • I’ve been vegetarian for over 25 years and I think my biggest tip for people trying to cut out meat is to stop trying to make things be fake meat. Though products have become significantly better in the last few years, expecting them to have the same taste and texture of meat and then being disappointed turns people off. There doesn’t need to be meat or a meat substitute. Just enjoy the meal for what it is.

    There are some great Indian vegetarian Instant Pot cookbooks with delicious recipes.

    Nicole on
  • Steve,
    Love your products and the fact that you are trying to make a positive change but I do disagree with you on this whole plant based movement that is supposedly going to save the planet. What we truly need to do is move toward regenerative agriculture(there are many farmers using this and they are having incredible results). One of our most valuable resources is our soil. It doesn’t get talked about a lot but we are loosing it at a staggering rate because of our modern agriculture practices. We need animals on the land, they help build the soil and provide nutrients. I agree industrial meat raising is horrible for everyone and needs to stop, we do this by going to regenerative agriculture. There are 1,000’s and 1,000’s of acres that are not suitable for farming but can easily maintain livestock production, if people quit eating those animals they will need to raise even more plants to feed them causing a bigger problem.
    I know all this is controversial and I am not sending this to argue with you but to get you to dig a little deeper on some of these issues. The answer is not so simple as eat less meat.
    “The Famous blue zones” you talk about were totally cherry picked out of a bunch of zones where people lived a long time, many of them had high meat consumption but they were left out because that is not what they wanted the study to show. Most of the blue zones eat a fair amount of meat. What they all share in common is the people in these zones move throughout their lives, they have tight social bonds, they don’t eat highly processed foods and alcohol and smoking are low.
    Again, I don’t want to argue, I just want people to dig a little deeper and see the whole picture. Unfortunately our diets have become as polarized as our religious and political beliefs and it is hard to get folks to be objective. Do a little research on soil loss, blue zones that eat meat and regenerative farming and I think it will cause you to see things in a little different light.
    Again thanks for trying to make a difference. We need more people like you.
    I am not looking for you to post this, just hoping you would maybe expand your views a bit.

    James Strickland on

    Butler’s Soy Curls are shelf stable, easy to prepare, and are very versatile.

    I have the Forks Over Knives meal planning app which allows you to adjust for number of servings very easily, and also helps you make the necessary shopping list.

    Be aware that many of the processed vegan foods are extremely high in fat—- the package will proclaim a high protein content, but when you check the label you’ll see that it is far exceeded by the fat content. provides a great resource for information regarding WFPB eating.

    Sondra Kahler on
  • YouTube channels: Sauce Stache (particularly his posts from 2-4 years ago, when he was making a lot of imitation meats), Bold Flavor Vegan

    Amanda Franklin on
  • My favorite site for vegetarian recipes:
    Never a bad recipe and she has a lot of recipes for vegetarian basics and how to do them the right way every time.
    My favorite vegan cookbook: Thug Kitchen. It’s silly and has lots of curse words throughout the recipes, but they’re solid.

    Kate on
  • Vegan Richa is an AMAZING resource for plant-based recipes.

    Sandra on

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