How To Use Your New Dish Soap Concentrate

So how do you use this stuff? Fear not friend, it's pretty simple. Check out this video or read below.

  1. Fill your dispenser with 375ml (12.6oz) of water (makes 400ML of dish soap)
  2. Rip open one end of your soap pod (rip it over top of your dispenser to capture all the paste).
  3. Squeeze out the soap concentrate like you would a tube of toothpaste, then stir, shake (with lid on) and let sit for 1 hour (will thicken with time). We recommend reusing your old plastic dishsoap bottle or buying one of our glass dispensers.
  4. Peel off label, make a slit down the side, then rinse, dry and reuse wax pod as an all natural sticky tack, tape replacement or let your kids use it for arts and crafts (they'll come up with a million ideas, we promise). Pod is backyard compostable, check with your local municipality on their rules with composting natural waxes.
  5. Tell all your friends about your plastic-free liquid dish soap!


Use less water by putting your dish soap right onto your cloth or scouring pad. Use less water, get more clean, waste less soap. Everyone wins!


Does our soap bubble up like Dawn?  Of course not. We removed all the cosmetic binders and foaming agents.  Why? Because you don't need artificial suds (SLS) to get a powerful clean, and according to the David Suzuki Foundation, SLS is "toxic to aquatic life".  So we figured, if it doesn't help clean, why include it?

Questions?  We’re always here to help!


Check our our Plastic Free Club!

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  • I just ran out of my Vegewash for fruits and vegetables yesterday. Is this a safe alternative? Vegewash is also plant based.

    Donna on

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