How to Get 'Stubborn' Folks to Adopt Your New Dish Soap

When your Dish Soap arrives, some family members or flat-mates may be resistant to the new change - no judgement this happened in my house and I helped develop the stuff!

Here's the thing, our soap isn't as 'sudsy' as your household brands like . Why? Because virtually all Dish Soaps contain SLS, a substance that - according to the David Suzuki foundation - is toxic to aquatic life and an irritant to humans. Suds are cosmetic, they don't 'clean' your dishes, but they give an appearance of clean.

We removed SLS from our Dish Soap, but we packed in the clean. Our Plastic Free Club members agree and we're sure your household will too, if they know the reasons why:

"I get suds from my dish soap. Not a lot and they don’t last long, but it does suds some. And it cleans well - very happy with the performance of the soap in general." (Sally S)


"I love this dish soap!! It cleans better than any I have used previously. I’m still refilling old plastic bottles... All in all, a great win for clean dishes! 🥳" (Eliah R)


"So I'm a suds guy. I have found a great deal of low suds, eco-friendly soaps to be sub standard. That being said, this soap is awesome. I'm all about the squeaky clean and I find it cuts through the grease on the pans at the end of the washing, so I don't know how much better it could be." (Jamie T.V.)


"Introduce items in use in front of friends who are happy to learn about them causing peer pressure. It worked on my wife at our last house party with the soap." (Jaime)


"I switched over the stuff and pretended it had been there for months. I didn’t give into questioning and just kept saying, “I don’t know where you have been but we switched three months ago”. Eventually they just believed me and were more concerned about their memory than the new way of doing things." (Kaylee)


"My partner just needs me as a gentle example without forcing. Research overwhelms him, so I take care of that part. And through my example he’s learning to care more over time and is more willing to change his habits for the better." (Angela)


"I usually try good, old Italian guilt. "I'm trying to save the Earth for you and my future grandchildren." Lol (Kim)


"I'm the Chief Purchasing Officer in the household, so I also did these things: 1) I swapped out everything I could and my husband didn't have a choice. 2) Gifted friends and family memberships after raving about the products and "loaning" a few samples that never got returned. 3) Converted our sea creature loving daughter to the cause. She now happily tells resistant grandparents that they shouldn't eat and drink from things that have touched plastic because they are toxic and demands plastic-free replacements with the same intensity as asking for toys. How can they say no?" (Elaine)

Want to check out our Plastic Free Club and join a like-minded community that helps our team and other members to do more to go plastic free?

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  • I have purchased the detergent strips, dish soap, and other items to arrive!! I am making care packages for our kids, sending thru the mail to different cities in Canada. I am showing people who I know will find it all interesting, and when I explain the reason, they seem very interested. Some work peeps are interested too, so I am trying to spread the love!!!!

    Dianne on

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