Import News for Cold Water Laundry Washers

Guess what time it is????  Why it's FUN laundry fact time!

 1- ONE in five British men admit to wearing their underwear for a week - that's 7 whole days - before washing them AND 5% of those dirty underwear wearers will even stretch it to 2 weeks or more!  WOWZERS.

2- Cold water washing saves energy, but did you know there are often THREE cold settings on your washing machine and it may help to understand the difference, ESPECIALLY IN WINTER?

TAP cold Setting:  uses water directly from the plumbing in your home with no temperature adjustment. That means the water temperature is super variable depending on the weather and outside temperatures, as well as the temperature inside the pipes in your house, so in colder weather, the water temperature may be well below the ideal 60-degrees needed to work with your detergent of choice.

The cold setting: uses a mixture of cold and hot water to reach an adequate temperature while using the least energy. Most machines use a range between 60 and 80 degrees for their cold water cycle, but the actual temperature may vary depending on your machine and the temperature outside. If it’s very cold outside, the water may not warm up enough or may warm too slowly to fully dissolve and activate the detergent during the wash.

Cold ONLY for Rinse Setting.  Some washing machines offer a water temperature for the rinse cycle only. To save energy and safely rinse all types of fabrics, you can set the washer dial on cold rinse and leave it for EVERY load.  Rinse water has little effect on stain removal or cleaning, so cold water works just as well to rinse away detergents and suspended soil.

So there you have it, a PSA alert for the next time you cozy up to a British Man AND a good watch out for all you cold water washers.

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