Dental goodie bag... time for a change?

The dental goodie bag ensures people have the tools to continue good oral hygiene at home, but it's all disposable plastic.  And who actually uses that stuff?

We were thinking about putting together a petition to eliminate disposable plastic dental products and sending it to the American or Canadian Dental Association. 

Would you support this?

What might be an even better way to bring this to the attention of Dentists across Canada and the USA?

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  • I have been declining the freebies from my dentist ever since I started on my mission to eliminate as much plastic as possible from my life. I would sign your petition and suggest that they ditch the plastic and give out more sustainable products.

    Judy on
  • I like the sentiment but I also stopped taking the goodie bag because of all the plastic that comes with it. Would LOVE to see more sustainable goodie bags!!

    Melissa Sheehan on
  • I was recently at my dentist and refused the bag full of a plastic toothbrushes and single use floss picks. I explained I choose to use plastic free products and they seemed quite stunned that I didn’t want to take the bag. This is a great idea to promote less waste.

    Jo on
  • My dentist actually had bamboo toothbrushes available which is great, I always nab one if those instead of the plastic ones.
    Has Etee looked into partnering with local dentists to be a supplier of bamboo brushes? Mine has theirs branded and they come in a paper box.

    Amy on
  • Yes, I would support a petition concerning the dental goodie bags. I have said no thank you to this for about the last 20 years. It’s amazing how many things you can change in your life by paying attention to the small things.

    Jeanne Allie on
  • Yes, of course would support this. For a while I still took my free dental health bag and put the goodies with all the other items I offer to house guests. I have been turning it down more recently though and am going to stock up on Etee products for that purpose. I do see it being a difficult field to transition into more sustainable practices. Changing the goodie bag seems like a great start, even if it starts out for special events or locations; health fairs, shelters, schools, tribal clinics, mobile offices…

    Sam on

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