Merry Christmas!

Posted by Steve Reble on

Happy holidays friends!

Little known fact... pretty much everyone at etee has some sort of background in music, so each year we put together a Christmas track.  Here's one from a couple years back featuring Jackie Game - our head of production - Steve and Mark (Jackie's boo) and OF COURSE Burleigh the dawg (who somehow manages to get in every video we shoot).

The video - btw - was shot in High Park Toronto on a rare occasion when a natural rink was born between the trees on a particularly cold winter.  It was a rare and magical moment.

Hope you enjoy it and your holiday times...

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  • Loved it. Beautiful voice.

    Laurie on
  • Thank you….and could you get that beautiful dog some skates, too?? ;)

    JC on
  • Lovely and simple…just what I needed.
    Heartfelt thanks for the work you’re doing!

    KimQ on
  • Peaceful, Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing 😊

    Mo on
  • A wonderful video I can truly relate to. Lovely, thank you.

    Denise Fantinato on
  • lovely to hear and see. sweet, simple and FULL of joy!

    A creative, happy and abundant New Year to the ETEE family!

    elizabeth Preston on
  • Beautiful. Thank you.

    Fran on
  • This was awesome!!

    Kelly Householder on
  • Lovely. Just lovely.

    Lieca on
  • Lovely clip of the early morning skate, How Canadian is that!?!
    … accompanied by some very talented musicians and singers, thank you for sharing 💕

    Lenora Barnes on

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