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We believe we should give back - it's totally in line with our mission. Cash would be tough at this stage of our growth, but I'm sure there is so much more we could do. I'd love your suggestions. I'm thinking something that is in line with our goal of making 'PLASTIC FREE LIVING' accessible to EVERYONE!

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I’ve always envisioned your products as part of the Disaster Relief Kits handed out by the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. to people that have been displaced due to natural disasters. When I see images of people in shelters I realize that they are there temporarily and they receive these kits with the travel size personal care items. Then I think about how much of that is in stock someplace, which means that eventually it is thrown out after it is used. It’s all temporary and mass produced and destined for a landfill. What a great way to utilize your entire product line.” (C McHenry)

This suggestion has a vibe, and although we can’t get this idea done as of now, we came up with a slightly easier alternative. 

So, in the New Year, we’ll be giving our local community shelters (we operate out of Parkdale in Toronto and there are a lot of shelters around here) everyday essentials like our toothbrushes, floss and dish soaps and we'll post results here. 

Thanks again for all the input team!


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  • I love what you are doing, and products look, but I have a mental block of a Canadien company charging US dollars to fellow Canadiens.

    Stanley on
  • I also wanted to say I think a lot of these people have awesome ideas it’s nice to know that there are still a bunch of us that really you care about other people and our planet

    melanie scott on
  • I also wanted to say I think a lot of these people have awesome ideas it’s nice to know that there are still a bunch of us that really you care about other people and our planet

    melanie scott on
  • I posted you stuff on Facebook from this because I really like that you guys really wish to your customers when some people say they do but I don’t think that they always did and I always clean you off to somebody else are you guys actually took one of your customers ideas and change it a little bit so you can actually use it in your area and you did it so I posted this to Facebook and I’m really enjoying what I’m learning about your company I wish all of them could be like you… because in a lot of ways I see that America’s really not growing anymore in fact I think she’s dying just like I I think our Earth is slowly dying because of all the horrible things we’ve done to her…..😪

    melanie scott on
  • Thought for the future, since you’ve already resolved this question. Young people with disabilities sometimes have trouble building a work portfolio to help them get jobs later on. You could partner with a local school district or advocacy org to take on an apprentice or two during busy production seasons.

    Jenni Peal on
  • Have employees volunteer time as a team to help with a local cleanup or environmental project or set up a local clean up or other project needed in the community and ask for volunteers from the community. Could be anything your team is passionate about from helping the homeless, helping out at a shelter or soup kitchen. The list is endless! This way your company is involved in local civic action. A win win for all.

    Karlene Turtz on
  • Buy discount Christmas fabric and cut. You can make bags to simply squares and then using the Japanse art of fabric wrapping, you can wrap your Christmas presents! These can be re-used over and over. Then wrap your decorations in them to keep them safe until next year!!

    Cherie M on
  • Give us, your customers, some ideas of how we can save on plastic this holiday season. For instance: take your own containers for holiday leftovers.

    Sue Ellen on
  • When will the winner be announced? I’m waiting in anticipation. Thanks.

    Marion Holistic on
  • Donate a portion of each person to Environmental Defense Fund or similar.

    DWilkie on

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