NEW body lotion concept

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  • I would definitely try this! I miss the body butter and would definitely give this a try as a substitute.

    Karin on
  • I might try it. I’ve had problems with dry skin ever since I moved to a new state. I have a lotion recommended by my doctor, but I love your ethical and environmentally friendly products and want to support you as much as I can.

    Katherine Lee Michael on
  • Great idea. Hopefully will come unscented

    Kathleen White on
  • I would definitely be willing to try it as I love the face cream. I do wonder about how reconstituting would work. Unfortunately I gave away my milk frother. 😀 I have a stick blender but that might be too big? Could you add hot water in a jar and shake vigorously?

    But I’d definitely like to try it.

    Maggie on
  • I would definitely try this. I was also really disappointed when you no longer had the ginger body butter. This looks like it might be a good substitute.

    Laurie on
  • Love it! Prioritize this product development!

    Marta Koonz on
  • I want to try it. I have very dry skin and need lotion daily. I also am sensitive to some additives. Not sure which, but feel good about your ethical products. When will it be ready to purchase?

    LeAnn on
  • I did leave a comment on the video but will repeat it here. I would be willing to try it. Things that would prevent me from trying it are cost, and concern that it would render my frother useless for other things.

    Megann on
  • I would definitely try this. I was very disappointed when the ginger body butter was discontinued, it was such a great product!

    Jane Fuller on
  • YES! YES! YES! I would definitely try this product! I really liked your hand/body lotion that came in a tin, but after a couple of uses nobody in my family could get the tin open. So we couldn’t use it. I am excited to try this lotion!! Genius idea!!

    Mary Myers on

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