NEW body lotion concept

What do you think? 


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  • Is it affordable? Brilliant to wrap it in beeswax! Is it good for skin prone to eczema?

    Cheryl DeYoung on
  • I would totally love this concept if I liked the contents of the lotion. I have given up all the name brands of lotion in order to avoid the many toxins they contain. The Environmental working group is helping my friend develop a better lotion by advising her about the different additives. This seems to be paying off. I also have to avoid heavy metals.

    Jennie on
  • Definitely willing to try this-looking forward to it

    Pat Leneck on
  • What is the cost? What is a milk frother? I might be interested-is it lotiony or greasy? That is one problem I have encountered with hand made lotions-they are either too greasy or oily or too thick. Thanks.

    Mary Peters on
  • What would prevent me is your wraps have soy and I am allergic to soy. Also I don’t have a frother. Otherwise the concept is quite exciting.

    Andrea Silver on
  • My #1 reason for not liking lotions is smell. I like light, natural scents like lavender or a hint of vanilla. I do like this concept though and would give it a try

    RK on
  • That looks awesome! I would definitely try it. Love your face moisturizer so I’d give the body lotion a try.

    Julie Mckee on
  • I absolutely love this concept and I would most definitely try this new product out, and also leave a review IF the price is right. In the current economy, unfortunately, I’ve been recently forced to purchase less eco-friendly products because the prices are usually quite a bit higher for these products and it all adds up. It’s unfortunate, but that’s life right now.

    Jess on
  • I’d use this lotion immediately! Initial thoughts/questions are;
    - would first order come with the glass jar + pump/lid?
    - would it be scented or unscented? (I’d personally prefer unscented or just very lightly scented)
    - it’s not ideal to need a frother/etc. to mix the lotion. If I didn’t already have a one, I wouldn’t have bought a new tool just for this lotion (in the name of sustainability). Might prevent some people from trying it but who knows – maybe smaller lotion pellets that dissolve via shaking + waiting, similar to how the face wash works?

    McQella on
  • This looks great! I love the idea and would absolutely try it out.

    Maddie on

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