NEW body lotion concept

What do you think? 


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  • I need this now.

    Merrill Aldhizer on
  • It’s really interesting, everything you say about it steers me to trying the lotion… my hold back would be needing to buy the dispenser for before trying. If I don’t like it then I’d be stuck with the dispenser.

    Kim on
  • Yes I would switch. And love the idea of it coming in a food wrap.

    Jennifer on
  • Will you have an unscented Version? As I am allergic to fragrances that is an deciding factor for me. But love the concept.

    Sarah on
  • Love the concept. Do you add sterile, spring or tap water?

    Patrice Shook on
  • I would definitely try this concept. Could it be mixed thoroughly by just shaking the jar? Will you be offered different scents? Also love the packaging!

    Stacey Anderegg on
  • I would be willing to give your lotion a try…

    I find scent is something that can make or break a product for me….prefer something ‘delicate’ and not all-pervasive (ie. a ‘lingering, clinging perfume).

    I love the reusable packaging, I don’t have a problem boiling a kettle, using a frother/whisk to mix up a product that ‘works’…

    Wendy Gonzales on
  • Yup, I’d ditch my commercial plastic tube of lotion/moisturizer and definitely get your product. Love the plastic free packaging and the reusable pump decanter (which we already use for dish detergent and foaming hand cleaner.)

    Cortney Skinner on
  • I love the concept for your lotion. I already love your ginger body butter. I’m all on board for all of your products being shipped in wraps and pods. My only concern is the scent. I tried the alege face lotion and I’m sorry but I just couldn’t get over the heavy alege scent. If you guys made it smell as good as the body butter, I am 100% going to buy it.

    Angie on

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