New Refill Packaging for Our Prebiotic Deodorant

What do you think of this idea?

We'd send all Prebiotic Deodorant refills in our beeswax foodwraps, which would:

1- Reduce emissions of shipping glass (glass is heavy and awkward to ship).
2- Give you a 100% zero waste solution for our deodorant.
3- If it works for deodorant, we'd also try this concept for other refills

Watch this vid to see how it would work and let me know in the comments below and CLICK HERE if you'd like to pick up some of our prebiotic deodorant.

NOTE: THIS WEEK (Feb 3rd - 10th '24) we will be adding some beeswax wrapped DEO REFILLS to random orders to test out this concept!

UPDATE On Microwave / melting:  You wouldn't have to microwave the deo to melt it.  Minimum heat in a stainless pot would be fine.  And heating up the deo doesn't impact its efficacy as that's how we get it into the jars in the first place - you melt and pour it.   

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  • I would be willing to try it and then give feedback.

    Judy Olson on
  • I would love this refill option as the accumulating glass jars becomes an issue (can’t even give them away!). Have some concerns about the product melting in warmer weather, as others have mentioned.

    Victoria on
  • I’d be happy to try it.

    Rachel on
  • Great idea. I love the product and any decrease in packaging waste is a plus.
    I’m also starting to wonder whether it could be packaged in a cardboard tube like the lip balm. It might have to be firmer, which might not work, but just a thought.

    Margie B on
  • Looks great!

    Alex K on
  • I can’t wait to try this, though I do agree with some of the comments expressing concern about shipping in warm weather.

    Brandy on
  • seems like an awesome idea and it helps save, very convenient curious to see if it works in person myself.

    saleema jamilah king on
  • This seems like a true win-win! Less heavy packaging, a reusable wrap and reusing the deodorant jar! Brilliant!

    Megann on
  • This is a fantastic idea! Economical & environmentally sound!

    Marjorie on
  • why beeswax wraps instead of just recycled paper

    Alana on

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