What Do You Use to Wash Your Face?

92% of women use facial cleansers on a daily basis, and the overwhelming majority come packaged in plastic. 


We'd love to change that, but we need your help!

So tell us, what's your daily cleansing routine? And what would it take for you to try something new?

Let us know - comment below - together we can turn this plastic tide around! 

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  • I use water and a microfiber cloth designed as a facecloth and sometimes a soap-less skin cleanser.

    Anne Saunders on
  • I use a foaming facial cleanser (or a gel cleanser) that come in a pump-dispenser plastic bottle. However, starting with my last purchase of this type of product, I will no longer buy products that come in a *soft plastic bottle (those ones with a cap but that taper to a long, flat top), as they are not recyclable; at least the hard plastic bottles are recyclable. However, something I would always consider purchasing any personal hygiene products (like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, etc.) that come in a compostable or other environmentally-friendly packaging.

    Virginia Currah on
  • I use a sensitive skin cleanser with AHA & BHA. Every few days, I use a salicylic acid cleanser to keep my mask acne under control. I would love a plastic-free version of either (preferably both) style cleanser. I’m super picky about what goes on my face, and that’s been my one product I’m willing to purchase with plastic packaging- I hope one day to have a superior face cleanser with eco-friendly packaging.

    Kay on
  • I use warm water and a facecloth; always have. I am lucky to have sensitive skin that won’t let me do anything else.

    Angela on
  • I use my hands and warm water.

    Cynthia Burke on
  • I have a mix of facial products in plastic and glass packaging. I am finishing up the products in plastic bottles and then looking for only glass or bar soap alternatives. The biggest concern is finding something that works, is price friendly, and is easy to store without being messy. In the shower, I use bar soap for washing and would love a similar alternative for hair cleansing/conditioning to reduce packaging as long as they worked well. I’m open and ready to make a change toward reducing the plastic! Thank you!

    Tracie on
  • I’ve stopped using facial cleansers, shower gel and hand soap that come in plastic. Using bar soap.

    Marie Jacobs on
  • Serum from glass eyedropper “jar” and Pacifica lotion (from plastic pump. Really looking for ultra-sensitive eczema-type cream for eye area.

    Lieca on
  • I don’t wear any makeup so I just use a fresh squeezed lime and rinse with water. Bonus: fresh lime juice is also the best natural deodorant I have found for myself. Then the lime wedge goes in the compost.

    Melissa on
  • I use facial scrub from a plastic tube! Them moisturizer liquid from glass jar and glass dropper!
    Always happy to try new.

    christine stevenson on

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