Packaging Disposal Instructions

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  • The only thing that needs to be recycled is the cardboard box the shipment comes in. The hand lotion comes in a paper bag, as do the detergent and detox for the machine. Lip balm, cardboar and diss washing liquid comes in wax that can be cut up and put in the garden

    Not unhappy about any of that. No istructructions needed

    Susan Beale on
  • Thanks for your efforts!

    Ruth Battaglia on
  • I think this is a great idea! While having the instructions posted online would be the greener option, and there’s no reason not to do that, I have a feeling that fewer people would know they were there and go looking for them. But if you print the instructions on a card made from recycled paper, you support recycling by adding to the market demand for that product and make it easier for new folks to know what to do.

    Kat Michael on
  • What are really like to see is a plastic container for the shampoo and conditioner bars. I took mine to Vietnam in the little metal tin I had ordered and it really got very slimy and rusty and when I returned, I had to throw the tin away I understand that glass is kind of heavy, but there has to be some other solution. I do love your products and have been a customer for a few years now.

    Frances Bleviss on
  • I only support providing packaging disposal instructions if the instructions do not create any additional materials which need to be recycled! Stitchers and insert cards only create more waste (even if they can be recycled). Printing recycling directions directly on the shipping box itself or the product package itself makes the most sense!

    Michelle Seal on
  • I would suggest using option 3 for the instructions as cards can often got lost or accidentally thrown away. If you end up using Option 2 or 3 I would still put the instructions on the website.

    Sharon Roberts on
  • Thanks for all you do

    Terry on
  • So long as the packing material is labeled, i an ok with cross referencing that with my city’s garbage / recycling / yard waste crop tetia foe the proper bin.

    Fred on
  • I honestly don’t care. Whatever is easiest for y’all.

    Michele Worrel on
  • A different problem: kitty litter! I try to buy it in containers that can be recycled, such as cardboard boxes. Some have a plastic bag to contain litter inside the box. It is less plastic than those buckets. And you can only keep so many to reuse! If you are thinking of another product to work on, maybe this?
    Thanks for letting me vent

    Ann Knebel on

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