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Just leave a comment below with your feedback on these 2 topics and anything else of course. Please note your full name so we know who to contact. 

What types of promotions or sales would you like to see more of?

  • Sitewide discounts or sales on specific product categories?
  • Buy one, get one offers or bundled deals?
  • Free shipping promotions or other incentives?
  • Exclusive sales for loyal customers or email subscribers?
  • What else? Maybe something we haven’t thought of yet!

Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for us?

  • Are there products or services you'd like to see added?
  • How can we enhance your shopping experience on our website?
  • What do you love about etee? What could use some improvement?

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  • I think a big draw for me would be free shipping opportunities, and perhaps the bundle situation like buy 2 get one free.
    I love your plastic-free toilet cleaner and your shampoo bar… thanks for what you’re trying to do!

    Caroline Frost on
  • Hi,
    I love so many of your products. I’m wondering what happened to the body butter. Will you ever be making that again? It was a great plastic-free body lotion.

    Laurie Blue on
  • I need more dental floss and nothing else but don’t want to pay $5.00 shipping on a $10.00 purchase.

    Mary Ann on
  • Thank you and I look forward to exploring your product(s), appreciating your mission and execution.
    As much as I love the packaging concept (and am aggressively moving away from plastic, so please don’t resort to that), I must tell you my dish soap leaked everywhere.
    I can forward photos of the shipping box etc if you’d like for your observation though I see you are aware of this.

    Oh, and, all of the above 😁
    Truthfully, and sadly, the pricing is prohibitive. Deals and free shipping certainly help on this end.

    Many blessings. 🙏🏻

    Kelly Eynon on
  • I would love to see a promotion with free shipping as sometimes I hold off ordering products if I have not reached the ‘magic’ number to qualify. With summer just around the corner, can you do a promotion on your sunscreen and bug repellant? (if that’s a thing!) Thank you for continually seeking to better your products and your customer experience. I do read the marketing emails that are sent, although a tad fewer would be my suggestion!

    Sylvia Pedlar on
  • I consistently buy the laundry detergent, deep hair conditioner, shampoo bar, lip balm, and moisturizer bars. I would like to see more opportunities for free shipping as I often only need one or two things, but don’t end up ordering because of the additional charge. I love many of your products but they are expensive so I try to avoid any extra costs. It would be nice to have a system where once you have spent a certain amount over time you get a dollar or percentage amount discount. Just an additional note/social commentary; I understand that producing these products is much more costly than those that can be found mass produced, full of harmful ingredients and packaged in plastic, but I wish they could be affordable for more people. I have told many people about you but most can’t afford the extra cost. Sadly, it feels like buying environmentally friendly products is for the priveledged few.

    Kathy S. on
  • Not sure if anyone else has had this experience with the toothpaste (fluorinated), but after a month or two of use, I started getting tonsililiths. After almost a year of first figuring out what they were, then seeing if anything else in my routine was causing them, I switched back to my old big brand toothpaste, & they went away immediately. I was pretty miffed because I liked the packaging, natural ingredients, how clean my teeth felt & that it foamed up nicely, but apparently it didn’t play well with my mouth biome. I love the dental floss though, and I’ve always been a fan of the compostable beeswax pods—especially during one of the store-wide sales!

    Gen Em on
  • I like all of your products! I would like it to be easier to add to your subscriptions. I can only edit not add to an existing subscription. Special deals for repeat customers and free shipping is always appreciated! I love the hair condition but would like to see a bar shampoo for curly hair, and a detangling bar as my curly hair gets so tangled. The deep conditioner helps, but something to help would be nice. I would love to see fluoride free toothpaste make a return an a probiotic deodorant without baking soda as that beaks out my skin! Sunscreen for your whole body would be great, but hard to make affordable.
    Your mission and customer service is second to none!!! Thanks for all you do to make our world safer and cleaner!

    Mary on
  • I love your dish soap and toothbrush. I use both electric and regular toothbrush. Also like the shampoo and conditioner bars.

    I had several problems with wax pods for the soap, but I think you keep trying to address the issue, which I appreciate. I imagine it is a challenging problem to deal with, when the pods break during the shipping.

    I tend to buy things when the specific products I’m interested in go on sale.

    Lei Nakatani on
  • My package came ALMOST intact. I fortunately, the facial cleanser concentrate completely leaked out during shipping. Can we try that one again, please?

    Deborah Morse on

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