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Just leave a comment below with your feedback on these 2 topics and anything else of course. Please note your full name so we know who to contact. 

What types of promotions or sales would you like to see more of?

  • Sitewide discounts or sales on specific product categories?
  • Buy one, get one offers or bundled deals?
  • Free shipping promotions or other incentives?
  • Exclusive sales for loyal customers or email subscribers?
  • What else? Maybe something we haven’t thought of yet!

Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for us?

  • Are there products or services you'd like to see added?
  • How can we enhance your shopping experience on our website?
  • What do you love about etee? What could use some improvement?

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  • type of promotions or sales: steeper discounts for subscribe & save combined with multiple units (i.e. bulk orders); sales for loyal customers or email subscribers

    any other feedback: I would like to purchase your products at brick & mortar stores! I looked around your website and I googled and I couldn’t find any info about brick & mortar stores; I love the toothpaste tablets, I will never go back to regular toothpaste in a tube; re: household cleaners, I wish all sizes of products were larger so I wouldn’t have to buy multiple units, but I also see the benefit of the current sizes because it’s small enough for a newbie to TRY and if they decide they don’t like it, not too much was wasted; it would be awesome to see you expand into plastic-free makeup, or even just lip balm (non-petroleum jelly based)

    Erin Roper on
  • Your company has made it much easier for me to be (or at least attempt to be) plastic free in my every day life. I love the chewpaste, dental floss and Body Butter. I love things that smell nice. So I usually have to add some essential oils to the hand and dish soap because they just don’t have enough fragrance for me. I added the deodorant paste back to my recurring order since there is still one with fragrance (I still miss the original one – Citrus maybe?).
    Would love to see lip balm with sunscreen added. I would also try zinc oxide based sunscreen in beeswax tube (great way to reuse my glass containers from chewpaste and body butter!)
    I think a rewards program where you can bank points to get free item or a discount on order (including recurring orders). Love the free shipping as well.

    Tosha Clark on
  • Hi! I love your probiotic deodorant, and your dish and hand soap! If you had 2 for 1 deals, that would draw me in :)

    Thanks for your good work!

    Katie Prager on
  • I have just started using the face wash and am very surprised how much i like it. I we are contacting lenses, so any face wash that gets in my eyes almost always stings but not this one! And I’ve found one quick pump is plenty..so this should last awhile. I also louve the beeswax wraps and lunch bag. They are nice and thick and conform easily over anything. The colours are perfect..nothing kitchie or gawdy, just plain solid colours. Great quality. I have also just started using the Vitamin C serum and I really like it. I would like to see a BOGO for the serum, as I can see having this in my routine everyday. I would like to see a toothpaste/powder made for sensitive teeth? I can’t use anything else and notice immediately the sensitivity if I use regular toothpaste. Also, as I live in Ontario, free shipping on a lower purchase amount would make a difference when I’m just looking to replenish a product. I can’t always afford to spend more to get ‘ free shipping’ ..it’s why I change my mind often to not buy. Otherwise, I like supporting environmentally conscious products and would love to buy more from etee.

    Margs J on
  • i like your packages as they give me a chance to try multiple items for a great price. i was able to get your facial package.
    We do like the toilet cleaner. it’s so satisfying to see it bubble up. Next up, i want to try the chew paste and dishwasher soap.
    i’m always up for a good sale or free shipping;)

    Mary Adkisson on
  • Right before they were discontinued, I received a soap pouch loofah. I used it on my dishes and preferred the size. So I would love an XL dish loofie or maybe a wooden spatula type handle that I could cinch a loofie on to. Something that covers more surface and can reach the bottom of a drinking glass.

    Sam on
  • Love the brand, product line, and people. So real, so personal, so passionate. I especially love the blue towel thing, the food wraps, face cream, face soap, shampoo. Wait, I guess I especially like all their products which I continue to buy when I am close to running out.
    I would like to see more male shave products. After shave. I know you had the shave cream bar for a while but not now.
    The floor cleaner is ok. Maybe one that has stronger cleaning powers (I know hard to do without chemicals).
    Love Etee and am so grateful for the team’s continued hard work.

    larry greene on
  • It would be nice to be able to add any product to a subscription. I always have to email in order to do so. The reps are super nice and responsive but it’s more work for them and me.

    Jessica Muse on
  • Hi!
    Free products promo are always a nice way to try a new product, this is how I feel in love with the vit.C serum ;-)
    I also like by one get one free or other bundle types discount.
    I really like your vit.C, face moisturizer and facial gel cleanser. I am not a fan of the sunscreen and I really, really wanted to like the shampoo & conditionner bars but it’s not doing anything for my menoposal frizzy hair… even with the coconut cream conditioner. :-(
    I would like to try the cleaning product, I’m pretty picky about these… waiting for a promo I can’t resist or maybe free sample! ;-)

    Sophie Vadnais on
  • I use a lot of your products and love the intention but I hate that as a Canadian I have to purchase in USD from a Canadian company. Keep working on improving the effectiveness of laundry, dishwasher and toilet bowl powders.

    Tracey Fuller on

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