What Mask Filters Should We Sell?

As you probably know by now etee stands for everything touches everything else.  Our goal is for all our products to come from the earth and return to the earth, meaning biodegradable, eco-certified ingredients (non-toxic) and plastic-free.

Now that we're in the middle of a Global Pandemic, we are challenged with the desire to stay true to our mission, while also providing the protection people deserve.

You see, while Our FaceMasks fit perfectly with this mission - they are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and they are reusable - it is recommended to use a filter to ensure the masks provide maximum protection.


So we've been looking at filter options and the quickest to get in stock, cheapest and most tested is the disposable/single-use PM2.5 multi-layer, activated charcoal filter (with layers of synthetic melt-blown fabric), BUUUUT it's single use and it won't biodegrade any time soon.


At the other end of the spectrum is a cotton filter that is more expensive, will take longer to bring to market and is not as proven. 

Reusable antibacterial cotton filter - set of 4 for $12.00USD. SLOW TO MARKET, BIODEGRADABLE, EXPENSIVE and unproven.


Another option that has been popping up in DIY circles is the Coffee filter.  It is - as yet - unproven, but it would be biodegradable and less expensive to produce.  

Disposable paper filter (coffee filter type) - set of 20 for $5.99. REASONABLE SPEED TO MARKET, BIODEGRADABLE, UNPROVEN

Soooo, with this in mind, we're feeling that in light of the Pandemic, it makes most sense to get the PM2.5 filter to market as quickly as possible while we continue to look into the more sustainable options; both from an 'ecological footprint' perspective AND from a functionality perspective.

We always LOVE to hear your perspectives though, and we read all of your comments and take everything you say into consideration, so....

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I am using coffee filters. I read about a month ago the statistics on coffee filters, hepa vacuum filters and other mediums. I believe coffee filters were in the 75% range. I belive the hepa vacuum filters were in the 85% range of protection. The article was a reliable source but I don’t remember where it is. I wish I could contribute more. For my family, the coffee filters we are using makes sense and feel the protection is enough with careful sanitizing and social distancing. Thanks for all you do! Lynn

    Lynn on
  • Go with the coffee filter option. I have trouble breathing after wearing a mask for a length of time. There seems to be a carbon dioxide buildup. While a carbon filter might help it will make it more difficult to breathe.

    Kimberly on
  • I read that the coffee filters are fairly effective so I plan to use those.

    Rahima Warren on
  • I think speed is of the essence here, so I lean towards the coffee filter option for now, but keep working on a proven solution. Thanks for asking!

  • What about children’s masks? Please consider them in your designing department.

    Michele Aitchison on
  • Not an answer to the question about filters but still informative: Old pantyhose tied on the outside of masks has proven useful in making masks substantially more effective by tightening the fit around nose, cheeks, chin. I’ve tried it and find the panty hose does not impede breathing any more than the mask itself does. Here’s a link to the article. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/04/22/840146830/adding-a-nylon-stocking-layer-could-boost-protection-from-cloth-masks-study-find

    Wendy on
  • Still waiting for the masks I ordered on April 13. Until I see them I won’t know about the filters……but I would think the first ones until you find a biodegradable option.

    Hilda on
  • My vote is for the coffee filter type.

    Renee Rosa on
  • I agree with others that you need to make “something” available now, so I suppose the PM2.5 is your short-term answer, while you continue the search for a better alternative. Although I purchased 4 of your masks (without a filter), I needed a quicker solution for my employees. I purchased 16 hand-sewn masks from my neighbor whose masks include an inner layer of flannel fabric with an inner and outer cotton layer and draw string tie. Reusable, comfortable and easily adjustable for different size faces.

    Susan on
  • To me it only makes sense to wear a face mask if it is actually protective against a virus. Therefore, I vote for the single use filter that is readily available until you can come up with something else that is as good but biodegradable as well.

    Kelley Studholme on

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