What Mask Filters Should We Sell?

As you probably know by now etee stands for everything touches everything else.  Our goal is for all our products to come from the earth and return to the earth, meaning biodegradable, eco-certified ingredients (non-toxic) and plastic-free.

Now that we're in the middle of a Global Pandemic, we are challenged with the desire to stay true to our mission, while also providing the protection people deserve.

You see, while Our FaceMasks fit perfectly with this mission - they are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and they are reusable - it is recommended to use a filter to ensure the masks provide maximum protection.


So we've been looking at filter options and the quickest to get in stock, cheapest and most tested is the disposable/single-use PM2.5 multi-layer, activated charcoal filter (with layers of synthetic melt-blown fabric), BUUUUT it's single use and it won't biodegrade any time soon.


At the other end of the spectrum is a cotton filter that is more expensive, will take longer to bring to market and is not as proven. 

Reusable antibacterial cotton filter - set of 4 for $12.00USD. SLOW TO MARKET, BIODEGRADABLE, EXPENSIVE and unproven.


Another option that has been popping up in DIY circles is the Coffee filter.  It is - as yet - unproven, but it would be biodegradable and less expensive to produce.  

Disposable paper filter (coffee filter type) - set of 20 for $5.99. REASONABLE SPEED TO MARKET, BIODEGRADABLE, UNPROVEN

Soooo, with this in mind, we're feeling that in light of the Pandemic, it makes most sense to get the PM2.5 filter to market as quickly as possible while we continue to look into the more sustainable options; both from an 'ecological footprint' perspective AND from a functionality perspective.

We always LOVE to hear your perspectives though, and we read all of your comments and take everything you say into consideration, so....

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Continue with what you have and keep researching for biodegradable.

    Stephanie Davis on
  • Hi – thanks for asking our opinion. I hate to say this, but in this instance I would go with proven to be effective over environmental impact until you can find an option that offers both.

    To those who are saying the masks are too small to be effective, I thought that too until I realized that the pleats allow you to expand the mask to easily cover from under your chin to over your nose. This works for my husband too, who is much bigger than me. My masks took almost 3 weeks to arrive but were worth the wait!

    Jill D. on
  • What about the stuff that nursing shields or panty liners are made of; or gauze bandages; or HEPA filters

    SUnny on
  • Since we are in a pandemic that I think won’t be over for awhile suggestion is to go with single-use PM2.5. And keep researching biodegradable filters.

    Sara on
  • I haven’t received my order either and some of the comments that people are leaving really make me want to cancel my order if it’s to small it’s useless and the reason I ordered was to be protected they also are really expensive for me and shopping around I see such better priced mask so now I wonder if I should just get a refund? Only on the mask I need it to be at least 8 inches across my face and 6 inches to cover my nose to below my chin with no open sides so if this is not possible again it would be useless please don’t send them to me if the measurements aren’t what I require thank you

    KAthy p on
  • A fused mesh material like pellon is a good filter material. I’m not sure what the base material of pellon is but I believe it’s cotton. Not sure how long it would take to biodegrade either. I’ve also heard vacuum cleaner bags are good—-the paper that they’re made of cut into filter size. The thing to consider with filter material is can you breathe through it, and will it provide significant protection in terms of preventing the passage of micron-sized particles (if you’re trying to replicate the same or nearly the same protection as an N95 mask). I have heard that coffee filters are not breathable. As a nurse who now wears a mask 100% of the time on the job, let me just tell you that it gets very hot under surgical and cloth masks, breathable as they are. Just some things to consider. Thank you for all you do to provide sustainability in our world.

    Lauren Jones, RN on
  • I’m no expert but what about silk? Some say it’s great in combination with cotton because it filters electrostatically and cotton filters by tight weave. Here’s an article on the subject. Seems to me a silk filter would be washable and reusable…

    Gretchen DUlmage on
  • Still waiting for my order from April 9th..I knew it was going to take awhile but this is ridiculous. Can’t think about filters (which I’ve received multiple emails for) until I’m sure I’m actually going to receive the masks.

    Natalia on
  • Re: Sarah Berto
    “am SO disappointed with the masks I received when I bought two, donate two. They are TINY, and there’s no way to place a filter inside. What’s the point? They’re useless. I’m extremely sad. I think they’re meant for children.”

    The masks are about 1 1/4 inches shorter in height than the tye-behind-the-head surgical masks I buy from the independent pharmacy near me. The width is almost exactly the same. So yes, they could be a little larger. I wouldn’t call it useless. I haven’t used the filter pocket yet. As I mentioned once before, in my opinion, the lack of a metal flat wire to achieve a more air tight fit at the bridge of the nose is more important.
    I find it comfortable to wear. I really like the fact it’s organic cotton.

    Glenn White on
  • I like the masks I received, they have an opening on one side and they fit well. I plan to use a folded coffee filter. Would be interested in a filter that protects me from the germs in the air.

    Maura O’Brien on

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