Plastic Carbon. What Is that? And what can we do about it?

Since the 1950s, about 8 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced and it’s found everywhere, all over the planet and even inside the human body. In other words, plastic is polluting everything.
But plastic is posing another threat that I’d never considered before: impact on the climate.

Plastic is mostly made up of carbon which is released when it breaks down. And researchers are saying this could have negative effects on ecosystems around the world.

One of those researchers, Aron Stubbins, professor of marine and environmental sciences at Northeastern University in Boston says he was surprised by what he found:

“It was clear that there were some environments in which plastics are now a significant amount of the carbon. There's as much plastic-carbon as there is natural carbon in some ecosystems."

There’s so much plastic on the planet, he says, that “we’ve added a new material plastic carbon cycle alongside the natural cycle.”
It’s befitting to talk about this sombre subject because this month is Plastic Free July—an annual global event to raise awareness of plastic pollution. You can join in on the action and contribute too! How? 
Maybe start with these three things:
    1. Use less single-use plastic. This might seem obvious but you may not even be aware of what you’re using. Turn to this plastic calculator to figure out what you can cut out. Remember: Change starts at home!
    2. Raise awareness. Consider using social media to spread the news about how you’re working to cut out plastic use. Studies show that your friends and family are more likely to follow suit if you’re setting the example. #plasticfreejuly #plasticfree #endplasticpollution
    3. Lobby your local government. Call on your representatives to ban things like plastic grocery store bags, stir sticks, six-pack rings, cutlery, straws, takeout containers and so on. The louder the call, the greater the outcome!

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Thanks for fighting the good fight, friends!
Chantal and the whole crew at etee


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