A natural Deodorant, without the pesky tube!

What memories or stories do these two letters bring to your mind… B…O?

I know, lol, you are probably thinking “What the heck Monique! I buried those memories deep inside!” TRUST ME, we ALL have body odour stories and pit stain tales. 

It’s challenging to find a natural deodorant that WORKS.  And we have the anecdotes to prove it!

Well… you guessed it. SEARCH NO MORE. Your quest has finally been realized. INTRODUCING…

etee deodorant

We are so thrilled to be launching our first version of our natural deodorant. And three lucky winners will get theirs on us.  

All you have to do is comment below with your BO / Pit stain story and you'll be entered into a draw to win*!

*winners will be contacted via email for shipping information.


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  • Let me think!
    I would rather not stink.
    What would be nice?
    Throw the dice.
    It would be so great
    not to arrive late
    because I am dripping wet
    and my armpits drip you can just bet
    so send me something new
    that is environmentally friendly, too!

    Mary Lou Dickinson on
  • I am so hoping this new product works ! I have searched high and low (with BO!) for years. 😊

    Lee Swanson on
  • Pretty simple – just looking for an all natural deodorant that works and doesn’t stain my clothes! :)

    AF on
  • I have been making my own stick deodorant for 4 years and I like it apart from the fact it stains my tops no matter what I try. I would love to try your brand if it does not stain clothes.

    Amy on
  • I would be happy to find a natural deodorant that controls odor and profuse sweating!

    heather jonnine on
  • So for Christmas a few years ago I got a really nice hockey jersey (Buffalo Sabres fan for life) that was the 50th anniversary edition. It had gold thread, and was a captains jersey and everything. I wore it one time, and of course got a bit sweaty in it as I was living in Texas at the time. Next day, I see some yellow pit stains on it. No matter what I do, they stay there, and have even now spread around to the front and back of the jersey. I had received a fair amount of a natural deodorant which I used then and am still working through, and most of my t-shirts have that dark stain in the pits. I am very much looking forward to your deodorant, and was literally saying to my husband the other day that I felt this would be the next step for you guys! I really enjoy all of your other body care products, and love the electric toothbrush as oral hygiene is a passion of mine.

    Allison Bartkowiak on
  • I really don’t have a B O story!! But I would love to try your NATURAL deodorant! I’m all for keeping toxins off my body and a plastic free world!!

    Nancy Wader on
  • I have trouble finding a natural deodorant that doesn’t cause irritation. Plus, everything is in plastic and not reusable and even if there is a recycling symbol my state/town doesn’t recycle the number. It’s frustrating.

    Melissa on
  • I’ll try almost anything that isn’t in plastic, doesn’t cause irritation, doesn’t smell minty or leave a stain. I’ve long ago accepted that I might have a bit of funk on a super hot day (this is the south – that means May through September).

    GT on
  • Conventional deodorants make my husband break out. He has not found a natural deodorant that he LOVES. Plus most of our clothes have put stains since we try to not replace clothes until they are torn or severely damaged.


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