What Products Should We Produce in 2021?

It’s that time again - the time of year where we start planning what products to release in 2021!

So….  What DO YOU think we should launch in 2021?

Comment below!



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  • Toilet cleaner please

    Hilary on
  • I don’t know if you have chewpaste refills in paper (I already have the glass jar). I’d love to see deodorant, daily shower cleanser (the spray-and-leave kind), and if there was a way to have clear beeswax food wraps or bags … I find I forget what’s in it when I can’t see it easily, and waste some food. Looking forward to trying more of your products!

    Michelle on
  • Wooden and bristle dish brushes for the kitchen sink. I have had to buy mine from France and it takes a long time to arrive. And they are expensive.

    June Rogers on
  • I would like to see a dishwasher rinse aid. I have a non-plastic dishwasher soap that works quite well but with the extremely hard water in Calgary, I need to use a rinse aid. I have yet to find one in anything other than a plastic container. I would love to ditch the plastic in this area…

    Catherine on
  • Hi Steve,

    Wow! Lots of good ideas here already. I came here to say that my dryer recently broke and not willing to bring in someone to fix it, I’ve been hanging my laundry to dry, which leaves everything very hard and crisp, especially after long cycles I use for towels. The towels end up a bit shy of sandpaper, and not knowing what else to do, I went out and bought some softener.. :( I normally wouldn’t use a softener but I’m realizing the dryer was keeping everything relatively soft for me.. So, all this to say, how about some sort of softener to use in everyday washing?

    Thank you for all you do, I don’t wanna leave without saying I’m a big fan. I’ve been using your products for over a year and they’re only getting better! :)


    Ozden on

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