4 Eco-Innovations That Are Changing the World

Including etee’s new Floor Cleaner!

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” 

I’ve always loved this quote from Alan Kay, a brilliant American inventor and polymath who worked for visionary companies like Atari, HP, Apple, Disney and more. 

Like Alan, I really think that making big, bold moves can change the world. And I don’t know about you but for me, it feels like there’s never been a greater push for planet-friendly products and technologies than in the last few years. 

Here are four examples of innovations that are getting me excited about a more sustainable future:

1. Alcohol made from air
Leave it to a Brooklyn-based startup to find a way to make the purest and most eco-friendly spirit on the planet. Air Company takes carbon dioxide and water, and uses electricity to transform the mix into ethyl alcohol. The liquid is then distilled into a 80 proof spirit they call Air Vodka. Though the product is prized for its purity, what’s really exciting is that for every litre of alcohol the company produces, a pound of C02 is removed from the air. Plus, there is no need for farming, grain, or irrigation. 

2. Mushroom fabric
Last year, major fashion houses—think Stella McCartney, Adidas,and Gucci, and more—formed a consortium and invested in Bolt, an American biomaterial maker. The company takes mycelium (thread-like filaments that fungi use to grow) and can grow it into large pieces of a leather-like, flexible material. The process for making the mycelium material, called Mylo leather, uses less natural resources and puts out less greenhouse gases in its production that both animal and plastic-based synthetic leather.

3. Regenerative fashion
In the food industry, regenerative agriculture—farming practices that actively sequester carbon—has been a growing movement. But recently, fashion brands have been making soil sexy, too. Patagonia is one of the leaders in this push for more sustainable agriculture as it relates to fashion. Patagonia partnered with about 2,000 cotton farmers in India who practice this brand of sustainable agriculture on ancestral lands—and the cotton is now being used in the company’s garments. Following suit, Timberland is building a regenerative rubber supply chain in Thailand, Allbird plans on sourcing all its wool for regenerative sources by 2025, and Kering (owners of St Laurent, Balenciaga and other luxury brands) are working with Conservation International on a regenerative fund. 

4. Probiotic Cleaners
When it comes to household cleaners, harsh chemical products are still mainstream. But there’s been an important and exciting development in recent years: probiotic cleaners. Probiotic cleaning agents excrete an enzyme that gobbles up oils and grease. This beneficial bacteria goes deep into cracks and crevices and continues to break down dirt and grime long after application. They’re so good that commercial kitchens in Europe are approved to use it for their deep cleaning.

Guess who has gotten into the game with a super effective, super safe probiotic Floor Cleaner Concentrate? etee, that’s who! 

We’ve developed a deep-cleaning probiotic product with NO palm oil, SLS, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives and of course, NO PLASTIC. Just ass-kicking cleaning agents made with plant-based ingredients! 


Dream big, friends!
Chantal and the whole crew at etee

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