Give a New etee Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

We’ve spent the past 10 months developing a concentrated shampoo bar.  

Why has it taken so long?  

We wanted it to suds up and foam without using a lot of nasty chemicals and it turns out that wasn’t too easy to achieve.

But…. (drum roll please) AFTER ALL THIS TIME, WE THINK WE’VE NAILED IT!  And in celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving this coming Monday, we’d like to give away a shampoo AND conditioner bar to someone you care about.



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  • I nominate my son who is struggling in school with major anxiety disorder. He also had alopecia and I am hoping the pure shampoo will help. PLEASE HELP PREVENT TEENAGE SUICIDE!! Ask Are you Ok?

    Sandi Anderson on
  • I would like to nominate my friend Trish. She is a Special Needs middle school teacher and, because of COVID-19, she is teaching from her living room. She is also spending a great deal of time with her aging parents . I think she deserves a special gift and what better than plastic free, chemical free shampoo and conditioner bars. She will feel like she is in a spa.

    Margaret on
  • I nominate my mom, who although cancer free some 10 years, still struggles, at age 80, to find a shampoo and conditioner that leaves her hair feeling clean without being limp. Sadly, her hair has continued to suffer from the chemotherapy cocktail she endured while struggling with breast cancer. She’s a survivor, and I sure would love to help her restore some beauty and life to her hair. :)

    Kathryn Nicoli on
  • I nominate my daughter in law Leslie who is really making the effort to reduce plastic in her household.

    Diana Bayley on
  • I nominate my friend Isabelle who is on the journey to live a healthier and plastic free life, just like me!

    Sakie Kodama on
  • I nominate my wife, Anik, who is passionate about reducing our impact on the planet. She has been working hard to get our family to achieve zero waste and this would definitely help and encourage her to continue!

    Michel on
  • I would like to nominate my daughter, Sarah. She has such a kind heart and us always thinking of others. She has taught me the importance of saving our planet and going plastic free.

    Lori on
  • I nominate my mom, Kay, because she is trying to move toward being plastic-free (as am I), and I think she would enjoy trying any new products!

    Laurel Frydenborg on
  • My daughter Rianna absolutely hates plastic anything and avoids it at all costs! Glass, organic cotton is the new/old way to go for sure!

    Sue Alvarez on
  • I nominate my friend Noreen who is dipping her toe in the Less Plastic Pool.

    Ellen Cruse on

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