What Product should we launch next?

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  • fluoride toothpaste! Maybe kids flavours?

    Kim Murray on
  • I would love to see plastic free mouth wash

    Mary Catherine on
  • Fluoride toothpaste please!

    RC Barajas on
  • All purpose cleaner!

    Jane Alexander on
  • Hey all,

    Please please fluorated but plastic free toothpaste such as in a glass jar. Litterally all the plastic free toothpastes on the market have no fluoride…there is a big bunch of customers that need to resort to plastic.

    Also 100% agrew with plastic free mouthwash

    Marc on
  • All purpose cleaner would be great

    Lorraine Barrie on
  • The mouthwash please.
    Your toothpaste is good. Like your dental floss too!

    Deb on
  • Flouride toothpaste!!!

    Erin on
  • Toothpaste (or something to brush your teeth with) in a container that can be reused, composted or recycled!

    MG Rogers on
  • Mouthwash

    Bess Anderson on

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