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  • could you make some bigger virgin cotton bags, i could take to the grocery store when buying produce? i can find from other vendors but trust you don’t use chemicals to process and trust your packaging. thank you!

    pegge butenhoff on
  • And also just biodegradable plastic and paper products to be used for shipping packaging (some companies of course already do this, but it needs to be wider spread)…replacing peanuts and bubble wrap. Also bags for packaging in stores for all types of products that are biodegradable but can be seen through. Helping stores decide when to use just paper and when a plant based plastic (with visibility and probably higher cost) would be the best choice

    Liza Brown on
  • Create concentrates (gel or powdered) in biodegradable packaging for all of the common plastic contained household items: shampoo, hand soap, conditioner, clothes washing (this already exists for the soap but not always for other things added to laundry), other cleaners too. Also you could sell essential oils to add to your products (in glass containers). Sell glass bottles to dispense all of the above too

    Liza Brown on
  • I love Becky’s idea about a plastic-free replacement for kitchen trash-can liners that will keep the trash can clean and keep the garbage contained so it doesn’t blow around the neighborhood when the garbage cans are emptied on trash day. Thank you! You are “giving back” just by developing plastic-free replacements for plastic products and making them available to consumers. Keep up the good work, and I have no doubt you will soon be profitable enough to “give back” in monetary ways!

  • Reusable cotton swabs. And paper towel. Love the fact you guys are Canadian! Thank you.

    Di on
  • I, too, know I have missed the deadline but would like to put something out there for your consideration. We are trying to figure out what to put in waste baskets instead of plastic bags – especially the kitchen waste basket, to keep it clean and keep all the garbage together when we put it into the trash can.
    We compost so we don’t have many wet items, but there are greasy things and occasionally wet items put into the waste basket. I know of no product out there that will conform to a waste basket and keep it from getting dirty each week while keeping the trash together.
    Many people have mentioned to me that they are saving grocery plastic bags to have in the future when these bags are no longer allowed. Are there other choices out there?

    Becky on
  • I know I have missed the contest deadline but I would still like to suggest an idea. As much as I love your wax bags and wraps they do not help me when I want to heat a food in the microwave. Aluminum foil can’t be used either. The only thing that works is a glass lid but I don’t have lids to fit all my microwaveable dishes which leaves me with no choice but plastic wrap. What about thin silicone sheets that could lay on top of dishes to prevent spattering? Seems like they would be easy and cheap to make and sell? Just a suggestion…

    Barbara Wauchope on
  • Refillable deodorant.

    HAyley rOss on
  • I have been buying products like yours trying to eliminate single use plastics from my life. I find it frustrating and inefficient that I have to go directly to so many individual sellers mostly on Instagram, which is a lot of work, to do this. Most people don’t have the time and energy to do this. There needs to be a distributor that sells all of these great products and even better, gets them in local stores. That is my idea. I don’t need to win a prize but I think we could accomplish a lot if this could happen. I know that single use water is sold in cardboard cartons and that the packaging is easier to send in larger quantities than plastic bottles. Unfortunately there are lots of instances where we find ourselves somewhere without tap water and only single use plastic bottles are offered. I also buy the perfume free laundry detergent in the dissolvable packets from dropps.com. My floss is eco dent and comes in a cardboard box and is not plastic. The floss and natural cellulose sponges are the only plastic alternatives I have been able to find in local stores. I buy other eco products.I would love to buy a high quality shampoo and conditioner in a cardboard carton(like an old milk carton). There should be a line of women’s makeup that comes in cardboard containers. This should all be easily accessible. I don’t think glass is a sustainable package either. Ive heard silicone in the form needed to make glass is in shortage. I like the idea of the toothpaste in chewable tablets but think it should come in something other than glass or a tube. When I saw the water at a food truck being sold in the cardboard carton I couldn’t understand why this hasn’t replaced the water in plastic bottles every where. This is probably too far out of your realm but eventually I hope grocery food packaging will get away from plastics. I wish your wax wraps were clear so I could see my food. I appreciate what you are doing.

    Thanks, Claire Wiley

    Claire Wiley on
  • A few items that are used everyday – bottles – milk, soda, water;  food packaging, laundry detergent packaging,  Spatulas, toothpaste containers, deodorant containers, disposable razors, plastic cups, e.g. Solo cups, plastic plates, pens, pitchers,

    Packaging for large manufacturers – soap, napkins, toile paper, paper towels, etc.

    Linda on

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