Have a cool 'plastic-free' product idea that's keeping you up at night?

Welcome to the club!

This is your chance to bring that idea to life.  

No bad ideas, so dream BIG and help us - help you - make 20 new products in 2020.

Top idea wins a prize! Winner will receive an etee Hit Kit - a sampling of our top products!


By entering the contest (ie, adding a comment with a product idea) you agree to the contest rules

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  • Reusable see through bag for air port security. Ie replace the quart plastic bag

    John Mcconnell on
  • Sun screen, makeup, face moisturizer in small non-plastic containers.

    CIndy on
  • Castile soap in plastic free container

    Stephanie on
  • We have 2 cats, and the catbox requires disposal plastic bags on a regular basis. There has to be a better way.

    Ken Neagle on
  • A lid for Pyrex storage containers..,currently trying to use beeswax fabric, but is just not a easy-on option.

    Stephanie on
  • Home made soaps with local ingredients with recycled packaging

    Alida on
  • I’d really love a plastic free floor cleaner to mop with!

    Gina Kuettner on
  • Contact lens case

    Amanda on
  • A re-usable cover for re-usable straws for smoothies, etc. To keep the straw clean and to not have it spill out of the cup.

    Meredythe Dee Winter on
  • How about plastic free doggie poop bags?!

    John on

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