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We believe we should give back - it's totally in line with our mission. Cash would be tough at this stage of our growth, but I'm sure there is so much more we could do. I'd love your suggestions. I'm thinking something that is in line with our goal of making 'PLASTIC FREE LIVING' accessible to EVERYONE!

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I’ve always envisioned your products as part of the Disaster Relief Kits handed out by the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. to people that have been displaced due to natural disasters. When I see images of people in shelters I realize that they are there temporarily and they receive these kits with the travel size personal care items. Then I think about how much of that is in stock someplace, which means that eventually it is thrown out after it is used. It’s all temporary and mass produced and destined for a landfill. What a great way to utilize your entire product line.” (C McHenry)

This suggestion has a vibe, and although we can’t get this idea done as of now, we came up with a slightly easier alternative. 

So, in the New Year, we’ll be giving our local community shelters (we operate out of Parkdale in Toronto and there are a lot of shelters around here) everyday essentials like our toothbrushes, floss and dish soaps and we'll post results here. 

Thanks again for all the input team!


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  • I love your products! Sorry, but had to get that out first… My idea is for children in the hospital. How many plastic toothbrushes get thrown out after a day or two of use. Besides, they are clumsily made. So, I thought you could target one Hospital and give them just to the kids. Plus, they can throw out just the head and reuse the handle with a new head when they got home.
    Besides, the parents and hospital might be so inclined to buy more. :-)

    Laurie S on
  • Perhaps team up with your local wildlife center. Help come up with an educational program on alternatives to plastic, showcasing how a few easy steps can make a big impact.

    D Duke on
  • Donate to OR match our donations to

    matt feldman on
  • Consider starting an educational program with children at a local elementary school—young kids are the best at getting parents and families on board! The impact on their future world is something kids really grab onto and they love science—the science of nano-plastics everywhere, including our oceans and even in our blood will be a very good motivator for influencing their families to get with the ‘non-plastic’ program. Helping families and kids understand how ‘garbage-less’ lunches can be made without plastic containers and wraps would be great—maybe your wraps/bags could even be used as a fundraiser for the school? Many schools also have green/garden programs where family donations of the ‘expired’ wraps and bags could be composted too!

    Good luck!

    MIchelle Forest on
  • Educate people who don’t understand the devastating effects of disposable plastic, and how they can recycle, offer free products at senior centers and other gathering places, make sure that people out there know that companies like ETEE exist, and that – by supporting you – they are making changes that will impact the planet in a good way.

  • I would rather you not give at this time, being a boot-strapped start-up. I want to see this company succeed in a big way. Get the ideas of giving now. Make a good solid plan and then, when the company is making a decent profit, you can give in a sustainable manner. You want to secure the company and your employees first. I wish you all the best. Suggestion: get your advertising into the arctic. The shipping costs of bottles of cleaning supplies is huge.

    Donna Zubko on
  • % from sales could go to a local charity/organization close to your heart.
    Off cuts / unsaleable products could be made into something for those less fortunate.
    Run educational workshops thru the library, schools and organizations.
    Join like minded communities like (discounts), (trading zone), (feeding children – I thought they also put together to-go food bags), (diverting food from landfills).
    Do a drive within your community – there are some great local organizations like (bras), (shoes), (variety of things).
    Sell thru local markets so people know that there are options locally & don’t need to pay for shipping/extra packaging.
    Get your name out there, partner with great organizations/charities. The world is full of possibilities. Good luck :)

    Alison K on
  • I was surprised to hear from my husband, on his return from Pakistan, that plastic shopping bags have been BANNED there. Just like that – by Presidential decree. All shopping bags from stores are made of recycled paper, and anyone seen using a plastic bag is fined about $75. This is in a country of 216 million people! I wish we culd trade every plastic bag we see with a paper bag of the same size, and then establish a way of recycling all the plastic bags. There is a project in the Maritimes where bags are woven into soft mats for the homeless to put their sleeping bags on. Why couldn’t every church and service club recycle bags for that or some similar use.

    Susan Johnson on
  • A Big Thank You to all your supporters. Maybe send your catalog to all the town council in your hometown with best season wishes. Maybe send to all teachers in your area. Happy winter season.

    Sharon on
  • You could create a non-plastic container for Frau F’s tooth powders that actually works. They have given up on their metal containers because they were crappy, but now they have turned to plastic. :(. Also if you could create the non-plastic equivalent to a dish scrubby for tough jobs that would go nicely with your plastic free dish soap. In terms of giving back, I wonder if you guys could collaborate with local public schools and districts to work on sustainability issues, or participate in sustainability events for students? We have a food day festival at my kids K-8 school, for example.

    Bettina Neuefeind on

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