How-To Get 'Stubborn' Folks to Adopt Your New Foodwraps

We've all been there.  You surf online, find something new and cool, it arrives in the mail and you are pumped, then you try to get your household to jump on-board and they just can't change their habits.

Fear not, this happened in our household and we actually MAKE the foodwraps.

So... here are 5 common complaints/barriers and some potential solutions.  Feel free to add your ideas in the comments below!

1- I can't see through them

It's true, you can't see through them like you can plastic, we're working on a solution, but in the meantime here's what our Plastic Free Club Members do:

"I use wooden clothes pegs to mark what I have inside, but yes you have to check on them regularly" (Marilyn T.)


"I've gotten used to shapes - avocados, lemons, peppers, greens - but what helps me most is to always put certain produce in the same spot in the fridge or counter every time, then I always know what it is and where it is.  For example, I start my day with lemon water, so I always have a wrapped lemon at the top of my fridge door.  Or, when it comes to Onions, I always keep a half cut Onion wrapped up in a bowl on my counter." (Mandy, J)


I label mine, but then I have a sticker I have to throw away ☹️ (Rita,  H)

2- I can't get them to stick to bowls

If you knead and warm them in your hands, then focus on sticking the wraps to themselves, as opposed to the bowl, you'll be good to go.  Check out this video for details.

3- They're Expensive

3 pieces of cotton with wax on them for $18?  Seems a little pricey.  We hand make them in Toronto with organic beeswax, organic essential oils, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, natural tree resins and soy way, so the costing is different from plastic; that said, we came up with a solution - THE PLASTIC FREE CLUB - where you can get 5 WRAPS FOR $14 and many more plastic free innovations at wholesale prices!


4- They smell funny / Do they leave residue on food?

If you're used to plastic, it may seem a little strange to smell beeswax and the other natural preservatives.  In our surveys, only 2% of customers notice a taste transfer and the smell diminishes significantly with use.  If it's just too much for your family, no worries, we offer a 90 day guarantee!

5- The wax is peeling off

Our wraps are built to last - a year or more - and while they're great with acids (lemons and onions) heavy bases (like alcohol) can pre-maturely break the wax down, that's why some dish soaps (Dawn, Sunlight, Seventh Generation) will break them down.  Not to worry, if they did break down too fast, shoot us an email - - our wraps are backed by a 90 day guarantee.  Looking for a good dish soap for your wraps AND dishes that won't cost the earth?  Check out our world's first plastic free dish soap.



Wanting to get more friends and family on the plastic-free train? Here are some more general ideas from our Plastic Free Club members on how to 'encourage change'.

"I switched over the stuff and pretended it had been there for months. I didn’t give into questioning and just kept saying, “I don’t know where you have been but we switched three months ago”. Eventually they just believed me and were more concerned about their memory than the new way of doing things." (Kaylee)


"Introduce items in use in front of friends who are happy to learn about them causing peer pressure. It worked on my wife at our last house party with the soap." (Jaime)


"My partner just needs me as a gentle example without forcing. Research overwhelms him, so I take care of that part. And through my example he’s learning to care more over time and is more willing to change his habits for the better." (Angela)


"I usually try good, old Italian guilt. "I'm trying to save the Earth for you and my future grandchildren." Lol (Kim)


"I'm the Chief Purchasing Officer in the household, so I also did these things: 1) I swapped out everything I could and my husband didn't have a choice. 2) Gifted friends and family memberships after raving about the products and "loaning" a few samples that never got returned. 3) Converted our sea creature loving daughter to the cause. She now happily tells resistant grandparents that they shouldn't eat and drink from things that have touched plastic because they are toxic and demands plastic-free replacements with the same intensity as asking for toys. How can they say no?" (Elaine)

Want to check out our Plastic Free Club and join a like-minded community that helps our team and other members to do more to go plastic free?  We have a no-commitment free trial.  Check it out below!

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