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Watching Mandy (my wife, pictured here with our son Hucky) take on motherhood over the past 5 years has been a site. She is a force. Researching, reading, engaging and playing. 

It came naturally to her, but maintaining the balance between who she is as a person and who she is as a mother is not easy. Especially in this era of expectation. Mom's are often expected to be everything to their kids, while also holding down a job, exercising their bodies and souls, supporting partners and still having time for friends and hobbies. 

It's a lot, and for our family, the great pause has given me an opportunity to appreciate how much my wife has done for our little guys (aged 3 & 5) to ensure they grow into caring and courageous boys and men. 

A big part of this has been environmental stewardship. Mandy has found courses (if you're in Toronto, check out the Pine Project, it's amazing) and books, games and lessons to guide them on a path of understanding, connection and appreciation of the natural world. And I love her for it.

Tell us how your Mom has helped guide you (directly or indirectly) to become more sustainable and connected to the natural world. We'll choose five answers and send your Mom an etee hit kit!

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Sarah Gregory
“My mom has always been a champion of the environment. Made sure I always knew the difference in what could and could not be recycled, she used to embarrass me at picnics and other events but fishing out the plastic from the garbage, and would told me she didn’t care what people thought of her, she was doing what was right for the environment. Every year at Christmas she picks a new product (for many years it was 7th generation toilet paper) that is responsibly sourced, uses recycled resources, and most of all less or no plastic and gives that to everyone, it has been bamboo straws, and re-usable grocery bags, and toilet paper. Every year we go to a family camp of about 250 people and she used her own money to buy everyone re-usable water bottles to reduce the number of single use water bottles. She is always looking for ways to be the most Eco-conscious and conservative she can be. After I got over the childhood embarrassment I now admire and appreciate all that she taught me, and how she continues to be a champion no matter what.”


Cynthia Fogliatti
My mother had a tremendous effect upon me growing up and, although she has passed, still influences me to this day. She lived frugally, according to her Scottish/English heritage, with the mantra “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” She was wonderfully inventive in fashioning “fixes” for various problems and I look at everything—especially now with the Coronavirus crisis keeping everyone sheltered in—with the question of how I might reuse it, repurpose it, or at least recycle all or parts of it. This has saved our family a lot of money getting another use out of something and NOT buying items we don’t really need. There’s also a bonus factor: it’s fun to put your mind to work inventing creative solutions!

Susan Young
My mother, Anne Cochran, raised us in the 60’s and 70’s and was an EarthMother before her time! She always had little nature/ science projects going. We made terrariums, and sprouted seeds, and raised tadpoles,(of course releasing them when they became frogs!) . We got up at night to watch meteor showers, and we rose before dawn to see a bunch of migrating monarch butterflies clutched together on a tree on someone’s farm. We took lots and lots if hikes through state and national parks. Through all of this, she shared her deep love of nature! She also educated us about recycling! Even back in the the 70’s , she recognized the evils of plastic, and taught us how and why we should avoid it!

Thank you ,Mother for teaching us to respect our Mother Earth!!!

Your love has been passed down to your kids and grandkids! All 3 generations use Etee products!!❤️🌎 Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • My mother has taught me so much. While living in the Caribbean we were taught to grow our own foods. We had banana, grapefruit, breadfruit,mango tree and lots more. When we consumed these we would use the peelings/skin for compost or for feeding( the goats and pigs enjoyed them). She always taught use to use old clothing for dusting cloths instead of throwing them out or buying swifters.

    Janique on
  • As an immigrant, we were brought up with old school values & morals. Our mothers cooked from scratch, created vegetable gardens in the backyard, darned our clothes and thrifted whenever possible. Weekends were spent with family gatherings fit for a king. Nobody was left hungry & everyone had morsels to take home to savour at home. Life was simpler back then but so much better for us. As kids we didn’t appreciate being different but now we realize how much our parents sacrificed & being different isn’t that bad! Happy Mother’s Day to all those that give us life, values & kisses.

    Alison K on
  • It has always been my mother & I against the world. Her strength, bravery, kindness, understanding and knack of making a penny into $10 has raised me into the person I am today. We are best friend til this day, she’s helped me be independent and patient but with the heart and roar of a lion. I love you mom!

    Hannah Laitinen on
  • My mother died when I was young, but my mother-in-law has worked hard to fill in the gaps. She has taught me how to be frugal, yet generous. I have cut up old clothes to make homemade washable Kleenex, and haven’t bought conventional Kleenex for a few years. She has taught me how to shop second hand rather than new if possible. Each year I try to make a few changes to our household to become more sustainable. She is always very interested in what I am doing and the changes that I am making as she tries to make better choices too. She has loved me as her own and winning this would surely bless her.

    Stephanie Neufeld on
  • my mother came here alone from Belarus, not knowing the language and was a boarder in someones house. she supported herself by working in the garment industry. so she raised a left handed yiddish speaking daughter.

    florette lynn on

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