Spill the tea! Let's hear it


Just leave a comment below with your feedback on these 2 topics and anything else of course. Please note your full name so we know who to contact. 

What types of promotions or sales would you like to see more of?

  • Sitewide discounts or sales on specific product categories?
  • Buy one, get one offers or bundled deals?
  • Free shipping promotions or other incentives?
  • Exclusive sales for loyal customers or email subscribers?
  • What else? Maybe something we haven’t thought of yet!

Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for us?

  • Are there products or services you'd like to see added?
  • How can we enhance your shopping experience on our website?
  • What do you love about etee? What could use some improvement?

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  • I like Buy one get one deals, and storewide sales the best! Free shipping is a nice promo that applies to any amount of shopping.

    Barbara Drew on
  • I tend to like sales that give you a free item if you purchase over a certain amount. It encourages me to try new products and makes it feel risk-free. I also like discounts over 25%. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem worth an extra purchase if I don’t need anything at the moment.

    If you offered free shipping on smaller orders, I’d buy more often rather than waiting until I have need for multiple items, but I understand that you need to cover your costs. Periodic free shipping on small orders might encourage me, but honestly, it depends on the timing.

    Overall, I love what y’all do and think many of your products work great—shampoo, deodorant (though the original version worked better for me, and I’m sad that you discontinued it), dental floss, washing machine cleaner, etc.

    Meredith on
  • I’m happy with your products and pricing and how simple you make it for me to do good for this crazy world of ours.

    Linda Clark on
  • I love your company. Your passion for creating healthy, sustainable and earth friendly products is really impressive in these days of unleashed corporate greed. Love that you make every effort to remove plastic from your products and packaging. I have not bought a product from you that I didn’t like. Keep up the good work.

    Tassie Masters on
  • I also would appreciate free shipping. That’s what sometimes stops me from pushing the buy button. But I also know you guys need to make money off your products. I love your products and I have had issues, but your customer service has always been amazing in taking care of the situation. I love your environmental dental floss, however for my teeth… So sad because I would like to be able to use it. Keep doing what you’re doing. I am thankful.

    Christine greek on
  • I love the products I buy; dish soap, hand soap, and face lotion. Some haven’t worked like deodorant, shampoo bars and floss.

    For promotions I’d like free shipping. Also I get tooooo many emails from you guys. I’ve tried to unsubscribe or reduce frequency but hasn’t seemed to work.

    Maggie Pray on
  • I would like to see shampoo and conditioner bars that are unscented currently you only have lavender scent which is a migraine trigger. Most of your products that I use have been discontinued so as far as promotions go I’d say a sitewide percent off would be best.

    Judy Olson on
  • Free shipping for small orders. I liked the pink shampoo for colored hair.

    Rachael Townsend on
  • I would most like to see BOGO offers or reward points and special sales for repeat customers. I love the products so far and I’ve already bought more to try out. I had an issue with my first order (the tube was broken in half), but that was resolved super fast. Loving the whole experience so far!

    Sara Gottman on
  • Hello! I would love to see discounts for loyal customers, especially discounts on shipping. An obstacle keeping me from buying more etee is how much the shipping is.

    I would love to see etee certified by leaping bunny or PETA to support their cruelty free claims. I would feel more comfortable recommending etee products to friends with this in place. Thank you for your time!

    Ella A on

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