100 Million Plastic Utensils Are Used in America Every Day... REALLY?

Fake News, Click Bait or Factual Scientific Data?


100 Million Plastic Utensils... Really? from Steve Reble on Vimeo.

We see reference to our disposable plastic culture every day, so much so, that we at etee HQ have become numb to it.  So Steve headed out on the streets in Toronto (a City of approximately 5 million) to try and give the stat surrounding the use - and potential abuse - of plastic cutlery some context.

Here's what he found.


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  • It looks like there are 50,000 fast food restaurants in America according to google maps (http://www.pamf.org/teen/health/nutrition/fastfood.html). If we consider that each one gives away 200 plastic utensils / day on average (which still maybe a bit low) that equals 10 million utensils each day.
    Thanks for showing me this!

    Michele on
  • I never ever really thought about this big problem before until this company came along. Thank you for waking me up!!!!! I hope you can reach many others like me who are just completely ignorant of all the unnecessary plastic waste there is in this world.

    Mechele Black on
  • Im working on doing my part by using Eztee shop’s covers & I just ordered the three sizes of the bags. I do own stainless steel straws. I have noticed some fast foods are using paper straws which is fantastic (I believe A&W are now using paper straws). I’ll keep trying on using no plastic however it’s a huge retraining of the human mind because I don’t think we as humans put much thought into where the plastic does go.

    Sharon wood on
  • I nearly became a plastics engineer. They was an accident in a factory I was working in, releasing the fire retardant that was incorporated into the plastic that nearly was so poisonous that we had to evacuate for facility. I decided to be a chef instead. Plastics are great, but they are also quite poisonous.

    David Rozansky on
  • I am doing what I can step by step but yes, design and manufacturing needs to change. Stop buying juice, sauces, dressings etc. if no bottled in glass.

    Janis Kobe on

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