Is Climate Change a 'Hippy' Thing?

I went to the Toronto Climate strike.  There were the usual protest scenes: drums, dancing and signs from a passionate (politically) left leaning crowd, but that wasn't all.  There were lots of young kids, high school kids, old folks, families, moms and dads; people from all cultures and a variety of 'social' classes.

I left the strike thinking sustainability isn't a 'left and a right' thing,  it's an everyone thing.  And we will be successful the minute our education becomes a conversation between all parties.  

When I got home and checked Instagram, I was amazed.  Over 7 million people participated in the climate strikes across the world. 500,000 in Montreal alone. The photos from Italy are incredible. People in every continent participated.  That is MOMENTUM!

The #WeekForFuture started by 16 year old Greta Thunberg was one of the biggest global demonstrations in history.

Were you there? What did you think?  How do we leverage this global momentum to bring real action and change at the highest levels of policy, and in our daily lives?  How do we make sure these strikes do make a difference? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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  • I am 79 and unable to take part physically anymore. However, I did march (with cane) in New York a few years ago. The feeling of togetherness and resolve was exhilerating and hopeful, much as it had been many years ago at Woodstock. I am encouraged by encounters with more people expressing concern over our treatment of the environment.

    Martha L Ralphe on
  • The term “climate change” was changed from “global warming” for a reason. Climate change means just that… the Earth has been in cycles of change based on sun cycles for thousands of years. It is NOT CO2 that is the issue, it the Grand Solar Minimum cycles that should be on your mind right now. When we as humans “swallow” hook , line and sinker all that is fed to us from the mainstream news, without researching on your own – the masses will falsely prepare for a warm future when in reality it will probably be a Mini Ice Age you should be preparing for. It is possible we are in for about 40 years of global cooling based on prior solar minimum cycles. The SUN is in sleep mode now, with over 200 days this year alone of NO SUN SPOTS. Thus the horrible rains, late start to grow season and early snow that started in the SUMMER. Decrease in sun spots relates to change in jet streams, thus why some areas of our nation are much cooler and others locked in a hot weather pattern. Open your minds to a different narrative, and give the other side of the coin a look see. Don’t form an absolute opinion until you research on your own from sources that have no agenda.

    Elizabeth Bramley on
  • I think a lot of this “climate change” hysteria is promoted by the left targeting emotions and eliminating common sense. Yes, climate changes and it has since the beginning of time!! Yes, we should be responsible stewards of our land and take personal responsibility for keeping it beautiful and productive. In the 70’s it was all about Global cooling and when that didn’t pan out it was Global warming. When that didn’t sell, it became Climate Change. No, I would never attend a Climate “Strike” because it is just a bunch of histrionics which, if successful, will only result in more government regulations and restrictions on our freedoms. Take personal responsibility in keeping God’s creation clean and beautiful. Common sense is what’s in danger on our planet not climate change. Climate changes because it is cyclical and will continue to do so despite “strikes” which really only makes those who attend feel so very self-righteous.

    Sunny on
  • Keep talking about it and make more and more personal choices that reduce or drawdown emissions in your life and join community efforts to cause more of the same

    Krae Van Sickle on
  • Yes. I was at the youth portion of the strike in Kansas City, Missouri at 11AM. At 5:00 there was another part of the strike that I could not go to. It left me very emotional. I am 79 and my husband 80. We are not going to know the worst of this and the dear young people made us feel so grateful as well as the opposite. I just returned from the Prairie Festival
    Festival in Salina, KS last weekend. Bill McKibben was the keynote speaker. I recommend you access the recording of the Prairie Festival 2019 and get the McKibben recording. We have to all act NOW. Thank you for asking.

    Carole Mehl on
  • Dear Steve, I read your emails. It seems to me there is truth and commitment there. Not just the advertising of a product. I did go to a nearby high school where a climate strike demonstration was suppose to happen. It didn’t happen, which was puzzling. Students I spoke to seemed mystified by my questions, a teacher did not recognize the name of Greta Thunberg.
    But our little Sierra Club Committee is active trying to bring information on alternative energies to our neighbors. This weekend we have two homes on the National Solar Home Tour. The following Saturday we will present an Electric Vehicle event during the local Heritage Days Fall Festival. Slowly, slowly we are helping to change minds. I hope it helps to save us as a species. The Earth can manage quite well without us.

    Joanne Irvin on
  • If the daily overhead aerosol spraying (climate engineering) is left out of the climate change equation then this is all nonsense. The constant assault of heavy metal nano particulants on the earth by geoengineers is causing more damage than humans ever could.

    RIta on
  • I think we have to not only use our voices but use our power as consumers as well. We have to support regenerative agricultural practices and keep working towards a zero emissions zero waste as a consumer. Money is the biggest motivator for corporations because at the end of the day they still have to make a buck in order to stay in business.

    Gwendy on
  • I was at the march in San Francisco just days before I moved to Kentucky, after 57 years in SF. You can bet I will be working to defeat Mitch McConnell.

    Margaret Pearce on
  • Many ordinary citizen are skeptical . There is a growing mistrust as they believe that the carbon tax/ climate change is a means for the politicians to obtain more tax revenue .
    Need to create a paradigm shift. Politicans need to be involved in such a project. They have a strong influence on a certain group of citizens.

    Your org need to research strategies that will bring about the paradigm shift and that have been proven successful in controversial issues similar to climate change .

    Congratulations on the World March to save Mother Earth. It wii be a strong componant of the paradigm shift.

    Anne Marie on

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