'LOOFIE' | The Microplastic-Free, Backyard Compostable, Scouring Sponge

Until we developed 'LOOFIE' (our scouring sponge made with cellulose, cotton and the loofah plant) I only used those green and yellow -vinyl - scrubs.  Over the weeks and months I’d watch them wear down and wonder.... 

where did those 'micro plastics' go as they broke off the scrubby?

I’m guessing they'd sloop down my sink and end up in the Great Lakes where they would be.... eaten by fish, absorbed in the lake bed or even sucked back up and turned in my drinking water?

Now we have a scrub that works (won't scratch your pots, is tough on grime and all that) AND as it starts to break down, the only thing that goes down the drain is Loofah - a tough cucumber - totally biodegradable and natural, which is super exciting to me.

Who would have 'thunk' that in the 21st century a product that breaks down naturally is actually a big BREAKTHROUGH... but it is! (at least for us it is)

Is this a veiled humble-brag? Maybe, but it is the truth.

I’m proud of what everyone on the etee team is doing to come up with real solutions to our plastic problem.  And what's cool is people are catching on.

Some folks are as pumped about these sponges as we are...

Which is funny to me because it's JUST a 'scouring sponge', BUT when you think about the impact it isn't having on our planet in a world that is a little overwhelmed by plastic, it feels pretty good, right?

"I L-O-V-E mine. Really good at getting scum off ANYthing. I have used it on crystal as well as burned on food. I use one dedicated to my cast iron skillet. Works better than steel wool - and no little metal pieces to stick me." Maryemily-cam C

 "I absolutely LOVE these sponges…. I was amazed at how long our first one lasted.  Longer than the big name brand compostable sponges I was using before." Annie B 

"I wasn't sure if I was going to love these because I was afraid it would get stinky, but it hasn't!  Great product." Jennifer G

I just broke in another one today while the other is in the dishwasher.  I feel so much better using them because I'm doing my part to protect Mother Earth. :-)" Susan G

I LOVE reading comments like these 'cause that's our mission - a product that works and benefits the environment.  Woot woot!

Want to check one out?  Of course you do!

THIS WEEK-END only buy 3 LOOFIES and get a free cellulose dish cloth!

                               Click here to grab one!



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  • The packages I ordered in December were supposed to contain loofies but didn’t. So where are the 2 you already owe me? It’s a little embarrassing to send people advertisements for things they ordered but never received, don’t you think?

    Ida Moore on

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