Have a cool 'plastic-free' product idea that's keeping you up at night?

Welcome to the club!

This is your chance to bring that idea to life.  

No bad ideas, so dream BIG and help us - help you - make 20 new products in 2020.

Top idea wins a prize! Winner will receive an etee Hit Kit - a sampling of our top products!


By entering the contest (ie, adding a comment with a product idea) you agree to the contest rules

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  • 1. I echo Nancy, above: plastic-free polishes for my cork and marmoleum floors!
    2. hair conditioner in bar form — that actually works! (I have long, fine hair)
    3. I love the dish soap concentrate — in plastic-free dispensers, no less! Any other similar concentrates would be great

    Amanda Franklin on
  • I would like someone to develop a database for stores that carry products in glass containers or who have refillable capabilities. For example, I have not been able to find honey in anything except a plastic container within a 30 mile radius of my home. If I could check online I would be able to plan my trips to the closest stores for what I need.

    Mary Sheie on
  • I’ve been thinking of a waxed canvas “plogging” bag with two inner sections:1 for trash & 1 for recycling. It would wear like a messenger bag. Plogging was made popular in Sweden & basically means jogging (or walking) while picking up trash. Healthy on 2 counts: for the person as well as the environment.

    Madeline Lyne on
  • A plastic free “dining kit” complete with a dish, cutlery, fabric napkin and straw. A kit that would fold into a nice, neat small fabric bag. The dish would be able to retract and fold into itself.
    Debbie Tamplin on
  • Reusable glass or stainless straws that are long and big enough around to drink a tall slushy mocha. It would also help if they came with a skinny cleaning brush.

    Sandy Neiderhiser on
  • I am thinking that a plastic-free concentrated cleaner for laminate and wood floors might be a good idea. The competition would be with DIY formulas. I often make my own but the “recipes” call for vinegar, and I don’t like the smell even though it evaporates quickly. Some healthy products on the market still come in plastic bottles.

    Nancy Heifferon on
  • I think the best products right now should be more household items. The personal ones, like shampoo, deodorant, etc. can wait. Others do that but no one carries a full line of soaps, containers, etc. for general use. The other items can be added later (which also give more time for development, which I would expect to take longer because of individual needs; Like skin type, hair type, etc.) That’s my 2 cents…..

    Joyce on
  • Laundry soap!!!

    Bridget Peterson on
  • We love your Etee wraps and haven’t needed to replace them since our first purchase. Wonderful!
    One particular idea that would be a game changer for us- I still need to use large zip lock bags/baggies for countless things, though I wash/rinse thoroughly and reuse. I can barely stand to see them in my refrigerator/pantry/laundry and would love Etee to create an alternative. Just a hope!

    Amanda Wallingford Martin on
  • Glass bottles to hold household cleaning products that you can use a spray nozzle with.

    Mavis on

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