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Just leave a comment below with your feedback on these 2 topics and anything else of course. Please note your full name so we know who to contact. 

What types of promotions or sales would you like to see more of?

  • Sitewide discounts or sales on specific product categories?
  • Buy one, get one offers or bundled deals?
  • Free shipping promotions or other incentives?
  • Exclusive sales for loyal customers or email subscribers?
  • What else? Maybe something we haven’t thought of yet!

Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for us?

  • Are there products or services you'd like to see added?
  • How can we enhance your shopping experience on our website?
  • What do you love about etee? What could use some improvement?

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  • I always want to order more things, like the washing machine cleaner, but I have to wait until I have an extra $100 to get free shipping. I am excited about being able to go plastic free eventually. So that is a promotion, I would be down for :))).


    Susan Beale on
  • I’m love to see more discount and deals subscribers can receive and any other new products that are not yet available. I love the quality products and they are something I would use frequently.

    Joanna Nagle on
  • Live the cleanser. Would love a promo for free shipping. Do you have a hand cleanser in the works?

    Susan Smith on
  • I would like to see items that are not as expensive, and packaging that is entirely compostable, no garbage at all.

    Colleen Bishop on
  • tea for free samples would be nice to try before you buy

    petra on
  • Bring back (pine) shave bar. Bring back probiotic deodorant APPLICATOR.

    Joseph Gauss on
  • I am very pleased with your dishsoap. I was a Dawn user and hesitant to try anything else, but, I purchased your unscented dish soap and it works. It cleans my dishes and I a cook a lot for my husband and our many, many pets. Thanks for making a product without “toxins” in it that actually works!

    Felicia Andre on
  • I use and subscribe to many products. I love them all. I do feel that the laundry soap doesn’t get my clothes as clean as I like. I use Spray N Wash for tough spots. I have tried the spot remover bar, but the spray seems easier. I would love to see a product with enzymes in it to clean pet stains.
    I would also like something for subscription customers maybe free shipping after a number of refills.
    Promote you are a zero plastic company to get more users. There are many US copycats I see on Instagram. But you all were first. Get a celebrity to promote your products.

    Laura George on
  • Having more BOGO offers would be great to help me stock up on items I use frequently. The facial cleansing bars are too small for me to buy them solo like they are now. The last time I used one, it was consumed too quickly to want to buy again.

    Neil McNair Jr. on
  • Sitewide sales
    Recycled plastic stuff
    Margaret Pearce on

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