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Just leave a comment below with your feedback on these 2 topics and anything else of course. Please note your full name so we know who to contact. 

What types of promotions or sales would you like to see more of?

  • Sitewide discounts or sales on specific product categories?
  • Buy one, get one offers or bundled deals?
  • Free shipping promotions or other incentives?
  • Exclusive sales for loyal customers or email subscribers?
  • What else? Maybe something we haven’t thought of yet!

Do you have any other feedback or suggestions for us?

  • Are there products or services you'd like to see added?
  • How can we enhance your shopping experience on our website?
  • What do you love about etee? What could use some improvement?

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  • We have an observation on the toilet bowl cleaner.
    I have noticed that I am cleaning the toilet at least twice a week. My daughter says she notices an offensive order after cleaning the toilet ( l do not).
    Have you had any others mention either of these?

    Patricia Kujawski on
  • I love free shipping. I also like the BOGO and bundled sales. They have encouraged me to try new products. Sitewide sales are also good.
    I have no idea if you have any questions rewards program – that might be an idea. I think I’ve tried to sign up for it, but to no avail.
    I also enjoy Steve’s newsy emails.

    Carol Brandon on
  • Prompt delivery. Canadian made.

    Darlene Morton on
  • Hi, I love your informative emails, your sales, Steve’s quirky emails, your products especially and the great customer service. I can’t think how to improve your company or service.

    Cindy Arnold on
  • Sales, coupons, and other promotions are always great!

    Gabrielle Dennison on
  • I’d like to see private sales for email subscribers.
    What I love about etee: your focus on sustainable products and packaging, your responsiveness to customers.

    Helen Pierce on
  • The only things I seem to purchase at this point are the Foaming Hand Soap Concentrate and the Dish Soap Concentrate. I like the ideas of Buy one, get one and free shipping promotions, as well as exclusive sales for loyal customers & email subscribers.
    It’s be nice if you could produce detergent sheets. I know you have laundry powders, but, I use “Clean People” detergent sheets which are the only laundry sheets not made in China but made in Canada. They’re more easily recycled and used than your powder. I think the foil lining in your laundry powder packets make it problematic to recycle. (if indeed they are foil-lined). The sheets are also much easier to use with no scoop needed. I haven’t yet done a cost comparison to see if your powder is more cost-effective than the Clean People laundry detergent sheets.

    Cortney Skinner on
  • Please create a richer face cream for dry & older skin. I find the current cream leaves my cheeks feeling a bit dry & have to add more. I’m 63 with pale skin & currently have a problem with black heads. I switched from Neora face cream this winter & wonder if it’s the switch that’s giving me blackheads? I’ll keep using yours & hope this passes, as I love going plastic free.

    I will start to use your face cleaner as soon as I finish up with my Neora brand, probably in the fall.

    Please create a brow & lash serum? I currently use Vegamore, it works & I like it but their containers are not refillable.

    Add more scent to your deodorant & make it a softer consistency. It’s too hard for me & I need more scent & baking soda for it to work. I successfully use No Pong brand, with citrus & baking soda. It’s a Cdn brand that comes in an aluminum container. Recyclable but not currently refillable.

    Make your dish & hand soap thicker to more accurately reflect the consistency of “big soap” brands. I currently add less water to yours to make it thicker as my hubby won’t use it otherwise & buys Dawn for his own use…that drives me crazy!

    I love your new deep conditioner. I use it as a styling product on my shirt grey hair.

    Develop a refillable hair spray/spritz. I currently use LA Spritz & like it but it’s not plastic free. I buy the large size for home & refill my travel size bottle by soaking both the plastic tops in hot water, so they pop off.

    Offer free shipping, everyone loves that, lol! That’s why I always buy in bulk with long subscription periods, to hit the free shipping point.

    Thanks, Joanne

    Joanne on
  • 1. Bundled deals/BOGO
    2. I love the products and packaging. Gift boxes for friends/relatives to get them involved would be great. Pre-boxed with the etee website and info inside.

    Chanda on

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