Have a cool 'plastic-free' product idea that's keeping you up at night?

Posted by Steve Reble on

Welcome to the club!

This is your chance to bring that idea to life.  

No bad ideas, so dream BIG and help us - help you - make 20 new products in 2020.

Top idea wins a prize! Winner will receive an etee Hit Kit - a sampling of our top products!


By entering the contest (ie, adding a comment with a product idea) you agree to the contest rules

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  • Plastic bottles for pop, plastic containers for hand cream, plastic containers for shampoos and conditioners, and other plastic containers replace with glass containers that can be recycled or pay a deposit and when returned to the store your money is refunded and they return the glass containers to the manufacturer. Any plastic packaging for soaps, toilet paper, paper towels and etc use biodegradable packaging or cardboard boxes the you can break down and they can be recycled. I know there are ways to reduce packaging and recycle more, we just need to do more and find ways to make more packaging recycleable and biodegradable. Thank you and I hope with enough people on this something can be done in the near future.

    Bev on
  • Clear tape. Glue/glue stick. Markers and pens with refillable ink.

    Kari on
  • Liquid shampoo and conditioner in biodegradable tubes/packaging. I have tried bars and refillable bottles for hair products, but there are drawbacks to both.

    Jennifer Roszell on
  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls in plastic free packaging

    Stephanie on
  • -A powdered laundry detergent. There are some liquid options out there, but powdered seems to work a lot better, regardless of brand, in my machine.
    -Garbage bags for standard kitchen bins (13 gallon, I think?). I’ve seen small biodegradable ones, but not larger ones and in my town we aren’t permitted to just skip the bag and put it straight into the bin that goes to the curb to get picked up.
    -Lids for the glass jars that come from the grocery store. Mason jars are great, but I’d love to also reuse jam/jelly jars, sauce jars, etc. However, the threads on these jars are different than standard mason jars so regular lids/tops don’t work. And the plastic lining on tops from the store often soaks up flavors/scents, making them really hard to just clean/reuse on their own.

    Nichole M Wright on
  • Something to replace zip lock freezer bags. I use freezer paper, but that won’t work for soup!

    Lois Bruce on
  • Storage bags that you can freeze.
    Reusable/biodegradable pill containers,shampoo bottles, and garbage bags.

    Tami Beaudoin on
  • I loathe plastic prescription bottles! There’s millions of them dumped in the garbage! Why not a reusable pill box/bottle that the customers can bring to the pharmacy for refill?

    Bev on
  • Biodegradable pot scourers

    Tick/insect repellent bars

    Barbara Ervin on
  • Can any of your products be used for freezing food? If not, could we get something?!

    Keenan on

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