Which Plastic-Free Packaging Should We Go With?

As you all know, etee loves feedback from our plastic-free community, and we need your help again.

We are re-developing the packaging of our bamboo toothbrushes and we're stuck in the middle with these two.



 Do you like the concept of 'YOUR ______ OUR PLANET'? Is it too preachy for those who aren't so 'eco oriented'? Our goal with all our messaging is to connect, NOT divide, but we love how this ties to our name - Everything Touches Everything Else.

We would love your input! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • The worst ‘Our Planet’ should be large like the words You’re Toothbrush’. Being preachy won’t bother me a bit as Iike to stick it to climate change deniers.

    Margaret Hawkins on
  • Prefer B….but also like a reversal….YOUR PLANET Our Toothbrush

    Sandra Russill on
  • I like B better. Says enough without being preachy.

    Sandy Rawe on
  • To me it reads…my toothbrush but your planet and I thought, hey it’s my planet too.
    It’s just what hit me first.

    Gracie on
  • Definitely B.
    Not bold ‘your’ separates ‘your’ from bold ‘planet’.
    Having them both bold keeps the phrase (and the notion – in this case for accountability and ownership) integrated.
    It isn’t preachy. It can also provide a feeling of contribution (small and individual as well it may be) to heading towards a better direction for our planet.
    Keep up the good work!

    em on
  • I like B. Make the Your bold.

    Sheryl on
  • I like A better

    Nadine on
  • It took me quite a few looks to distinguish the 2 options. I’m not crazy about changing font size, and the difference between is kind of subtle. That said, I prefer the smaller “your;” I think the more important idea is “OUR PLANET”

    Jessica FRENCH on
  • These are almost identical so it’s hard to say. I guess i like b better but it seems like an inconsequential choice.

    j. owen on
  • Hi Folks!
    Hmmm lots of options and feedback… for me, definitely ‘your’ would be nice in small lettering , with ‘our planet’ as just a tad smaller font than ‘toothbrush’, so the message stays with love rather than “preaching “….. thanks for asking….
    … and thanks for all of your heart-felt work in the world!

    Debora Morrison on

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