Which Plastic-Free Packaging Should We Go With?

As you all know, etee loves feedback from our plastic-free community, and we need your help again.

We are re-developing the packaging of our bamboo toothbrushes and we're stuck in the middle with these two.



 Do you like the concept of 'YOUR ______ OUR PLANET'? Is it too preachy for those who aren't so 'eco oriented'? Our goal with all our messaging is to connect, NOT divide, but we love how this ties to our name - Everything Touches Everything Else.

We would love your input! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I like A. Iike Kim Quinn’s idea.

    Harriet Kawamata on
  • I think the focus on your toothbrush is more dominant over our planet. I feel that our planet needs to stand out more. YOUR toothbrush, OUR planet. Your TOOTHBRUSH, Our PLANET, Your Toothbrush – OUR Planet. IDK… YOUR Toothbrush OUR PLANET.. I’m not sure but there should be more of a cohesiveness. This is user acceptance testing people – let’s make it happen

    Lisa Magoulas on
  • B

    Bonita on
  • I think the our planet should be bigger, or at least the our should be bigger. On second thought, the your and our could both be bigger.

    marie on
  • I like the concept. I think there should be cohesion to connect the two with the font though. Perhaps Your and Our are both bold or toothbrush and planet are both bold. Or go with A and make the “your” the same as toothbrush. It just feels disconnected.

    Bianca on
  • Prefer A, but would like font for “your” and “our planet” to be bolder.

    You may have opened up one big ole can of worms w your request for opinions. : /

    KIm Quinn on
  • How about your TOOTHBRUSH, our PLANET ?

    Sara Usher on
  • Option A

    Nicole Goffinet on
  • I agree about the words OUR PLANET. Why say anything about the toothbrush, it’s obvious. Just name the toothbrush OUR PLANET!

    Catherine Lee on
  • Very little difference that I can see and can’t go wrong with either one, but if need a choice then I select B as my choice of design. Bolder cleaner lines so makes it easier to read for more people and I see nothing wrong with the statement Your toothbrush Our planet…love it actually.

    Karen Kilpatrick on

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