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Why Use Concentrate Cleaner Pods?

Most household cleaners are up to 90% water.

Why are we trucking all that water around the world, burning
extra carbon and making extra packaging for something we all
have at home? Makes no sense, right? That's why we eliminated
all the water and left only the essentials.

Our cleaner pods are as natural as the ingredients inside. They can be
repurposed, reused and fully composted right in your back yard.
No more plastic waste, no more unnecessary emissions in transportation. Good for you, good for our planet.

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How to use your cleaner pods

Using our cleaners is simple, and fun!

1. Rip the pod open at one of the ends

2. Squeeze the pod from the opposite end and aim the soap into the jar or dispenser

3. Shake and let rest for 20 minutes

4. Rinse pod and compost or re-use the wax for other projects such as candles!

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What you get

In each mix pack you'll get one of each concentrates: All purpose cleaner, Window Cleaner, and Floor Cleaner.

Each cleaner is packaged in our one of a kind, backyard compostable Beepods (tm)! Our pod is ‘backyard’ compostable. Dispose the pod in the compost or garbage (rest assured it'll biodegrade in either).

all purpose cleaner concentrate

Our All Purpose Cleaner gently removes dirt and grime, while leaving a refreshing scent of citrus throughout! Use it on countertops, furniture, walls, and appliances!

window cleaner concentrate

Our Window Cleaner gently wipes away dust, grime, and hand (and paw / wet nose!) prints, while leaving an uplifting scent of peppermint throughout your home!

Floor cleaner concentrate

Our Floor Cleaner gently lifts dust, grime, and foot / paw prints while leaving an uplifting scent of the North Air throughout your home!